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April 11 2015

Hulu launches Perfect GIF website. If you don't mind the branding, you can now choose GIFs from the likes of Buffy, Angel, Firefly or Agents of SHIELD.

February 23 2015

Watch Neil Patrick Harris sing the opening musical number from The Oscars. The song is titled "Moving Pictures" and also features Anna Kendrick and Jack Black.

March 18 2010

(Vote) Castle Still in the Running for Hulu's "Best in Show" Competition. Currently Nathan Fillion's show, Castle is in a 50/50 dead heat with the Simpsons. If Castle wins it will face off against the winner of Community v. Parks & Recreation in the semi-finals.

March 01 2010

Vote for Dollhouse in Hulu's "Best In Show" competition. If the show wins its round, it'll face off against Burn Notice or 24.

October 19 2009

The Cleveland Show wishes for more Buffy on TV. 11 minutes and 39 seconds into the latest episode, a giant, talking Bear (named Tim) prays to the Big Sky Bully to bring back the live-action adventures of The Slayer. More...

September 04 2009

No more Buffy seasons 2 and 3 on Hulu. Season 3 is being removed on October 2, Season 2 on October 16.

August 26 2009

Faces of Echo. A Hulu-exclusive (hence US-only) retrospective of all the different personalities Echo assumed in Season 1. With an introduction by Jane Lynch (playing her Glee-character Sue Sylvester).

July 30 2009

Drew Z. Greenberg writes for Warehouse 13. Drew wrote the latest episode, "Claudia" which is now available on Hulu. More...

May 09 2009

'Epitaph One' will be a no-show on Hulu. The site says "the 13th Episode of Dollhouse will not be available for online streaming".

March 27 2009

(SPOILER) Hulu has four clips from tonight's Dollhouse episode "Echoes".

March 07 2009

Watch Dollhouse episode 4 'Gray Hour' on Fox on Demand. Missed it last night? It's online at FOD. Or watch it on Hulu. It's also available for download on iTunes in SD and HD. More...

February 21 2009

Watch Dollhouse episode 2 online. It's that watch'n'rate time of the week, should you feel in the mood to see Topher get his gun lust on.

February 14 2009

Watch Dollhouse episode 1 online. Via Hulu, if you missed it or want to check out Tahmoh's meeting room skills again. You can also get it on Amazon. These methods help support the show. You can also digg the viewing of the episode online to help people find it. You can buy the episodes on iTunes now for your iPhones, iPods and iBrains. Update: Number 1 on Hulu at the moment. More...

August 05 2008

Watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog in High Definition! Now available on Hulu.

June 23 2008

Angel now on Hulu. Season 1 went up today and is a welcome addition to Hulu's set of television programs.

June 11 2008

Angel Premiering on Hulu June 23rd. As part of the "Hulu Days of Summer," the first season will become available.

March 12 2008

Hulu now open to the American public. The much hyped corporate site is now open for business and you can watch online Buffy Season One and all of Firefly for free.

December 18 2007

Hulu puts Firefly online for free. As a taster, they've put the pilot "Our Mrs Reynolds Serenity" up on their blog. Alternatively you could over to and read why you should avoid Hulu like the plague. Mainly because writers don't get anything from streaming videos.

October 29 2007

Buffy to be shown for free on new online video service. The much hyped NBC Universal/News Corporation venture 'Hulu' has just started its private beta phase (which people can sign up to).

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