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"Mercy, forgiveness, trust. Those are the things he left back there."
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September 01 2012

Geeks after dark: fandom, humour and awkward sexiness. Huffington Post piece on a Geeks After Dark performance in Vancouver. More...

April 15 2009

Uncomfortable Plot Summaries. Buffy, Firefly and Serenity are all mentioned in this extremely funny list.

July 31 2008

Mama Pop on Dr. Horrible & Stalking Strawberry-Blond Auteurs. A well written bit of fun over at Mama Pop that some of us can probably relate to a bit more than we'd ever admit. More...

February 13 2008

Skinny White Chick skewers fandom in celebration of the end of the Strike. Video from Skinny White Chick celebrating the end of the strike, but asking the Browncoats to leave her alone. It's all in good fun, but the song does contain some NSFW language. More...

December 02 2007

Speaking of Buffy... Overheard in New York has a Buffy post.

August 20 2007

Official website for Felicia Day's (Slayerette Vi) "The Guild". The videogame/humor online TV series' site has posted two YouTube webisodes so far. More...

March 02 2007

Seth Green appears in "Ebony and Irony" on Daily Show. In yesterday night's show the Daily Show put together a film trailer for "Ebony and Irony" lampooning the recent Strom Thurmond-Al Sharpton news story. The trailer appears at the end of this video clip.

May 21 2006

Serenity: The MST3K Version. Truly spot-on MSTing of our favorite BDM. More...

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