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October 17 2013

The new season of 'Husbands' is now available internationally on YouTube. The videos are up on the CW Seed channel.

October 15 2013

New season of 'Husbands' will be entirely available internationally on YouTube on October 17th. The new season premiered back in August 15th via CW Seed, will finally be viewable outside the US this month. Created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, this new season includes Amy Acker and Seth Green among the guest stars. UPDATE: Worldwide release will be via CW Seed Youtube Channel. More...

September 15 2013

Amy Acker on Husbands: The Series, Much Ado About Nothing and more. Interview during Husbands Season 3 screening reception at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, talking a bit about everything she’s got going on right now, including being cast as a regular on Person of Interest. [So how soon will EVERY TV series be part of the Whedonverse?].

August 05 2013

(SPOILER) Watch a clip of Amy Acker in 'Husbands'. The new season will premiere on the 15th of this month on something called CW Seed.

July 31 2013

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell on Husbands Season 3. A post comic-con interview with the duo reveals some new stuff about the upcoming season and their process when it comes to comic books.

July 05 2013

(SPOILER) Amy Acker to guest star on 'Husbands'. Whedon alum to join ranks of other Whedon alum on Whedon alum project. More...

March 21 2013

'Husbands' book tour with Jane Espenson and Brad Bell. Jane and Cheeks will be promoting the Husbands comic book, beginning March 29. They'll be doing Q&A and book signing. Includes a stop in London.

December 20 2012

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell on the Pop My Culture podcast. Lots of goofy and geeky chat with the Husbands creators.

October 31 2012

Comic Book Resources interview with Jane Espenson & Brad Bell. They discuss the merits of filming a successful web series, casting famous faces, and discuss their Husbands comic book. More...

October 29 2012

Joss Whedon discusses his acting roles. Evidently Husbands is the biggest role Joss has ever had on screen.

October 15 2012

Video Interview with Jane Espenson. Interview conducted during New York Comic-Con about Husbands upcoming comic book.

September 12 2012

Husbands Climax (their second season). Actors Joss Whedon & Felicia Day interpret the inspired words of co-writer Jane Espenson.

September 02 2012

Jane Espenson's Husbands getting its own Dark Horse Comic. The Team Husbands tumblr has the first cover art from the new digital series. More...

August 22 2012

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell talk about Husbands Season 2. They talk about Husbands, controversy, network TV, creative freedom, and mention a bunch on Whedony guest stars like Joss and Felicia Day

August 17 2012

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell discuss Husbands on Google Play. If you missed the live event, the whole video is now available to watch.

August 15 2012

Watch Joss Whedon in the premiere of Husbands Season Two. There's a bit of swearing (and Amber Benson, Emma Caulfield, Dichen Lachman, and Felicia Day as well).

August 14 2012

"He is natural and funny and just perfect!" Jane Espenson talks about Joss' upcoming stint on 'Husbands'.

August 09 2012

(SPOILER) Behind the Scenes look at the writing process for Husbands. Interesting behind the scenes video showing Jane and Brad Bell's writing process and table read for Season 2 of Husbands. Also, bonus picture of Joss Whedon as Brady’s agent Wes. More...

August 08 2012

Jane Espenson to talk Husbands at GeekGirlCon. Jane Espenson, Brad Bell and Sean Hemeon will discuss "Husbands - A Comedy for the Marriage Equality Age" at this Seattle con on Saturday, August 11. More...

July 27 2012

Premiere event for Jane Espenson's "Husbands" Season 2 at the Paley Center Los Angeles. "Husbands" is the first online sitcom to be hosted at the Paley Center for the Media. The event features a Season 2 preview screening followed by a look behind the scenes. Jane Espenson is scheduled to appear along with co-creator Brad Bell ("Cheeks"), and others.

July 15 2012

Joss to guest star in Jane Espenson's Husbands. He'll be in all 3 episodes of the 2nd season, with his biggest acting role to date as Brady's agent.

June 29 2012

Joss Whedon on Espenson & Bell's "Husband" series.' In an article posted on, Joss discusses the web series created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell. More...

June 28 2012

(SPOILER) EW interviews Jane Espenson about Season 2 of " Husbands". The article also features behind-the-scenes pictures with the cast and some of the guest stars from the new season.

June 26 2012

Great Women in Nerdery: A Jane Espenson Interview. Jane is chosen as a Great Woman in Nerdery and she talks about working with Joss again, what it is like to be a woman in the industry, and more... More...

December 26 2011

The New Yorker praises Jane Espenson's 'Husbands'. Emily Nussbaum says the web series is "totes adorbs."

November 29 2011

Jane Espenson, Cheeks and Sean Hemeon talk Husbands. Jane Espenson and crew talk about Husbands, if Barnabas really died on Caprica, kitten gangs, being offensive and more.

September 27 2011

Web Content Corner with Jane Espenson. An interview with Jane Espenson about her new web series, Husbands. More...

September 20 2011

Someone familiar on the web series Husbands. A Whedonverse guest makes an appearance on episode three.

September 14 2011

Watch the first episode of Jane Espenson's 'Husbands'. It's a brand new web comedy about same-sex marriage.

September 08 2011

Husbands Event with Jane Espenson. Hang with Jane on Sunday, September 11th in West Hollywood for a panel on her new series, Husbands. More...

August 01 2011

Jane Espenson discusses her new web series 'Husbands'. A must-see for anyone interested in the current state of television.

July 20 2011

Promo pic for Jane Espenson's new web series 'Husbands'. The series "tells the story of a little marriage that was never supposed to happen. But it did. And that turned out to be a very good thing."

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