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July 08 2017

Torchwood Boy's very special reaction to "Hush". They say 90% of communication is nonverbal. Youtuber, Alex wishes to test that theory while watching the 10th episode from Buffy's 4th season. WARNING: Contains one, single word of profanity.

December 08 2015

Five iconic works of genius made to prove a petty point. You may be somewhat familiar with #3. More...

December 11 2014

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: an oral history of "Hush". TV Guide interviews ASH, Christophe Beck, Doug Jones, and Amber Benson to mark the 15th anniversary of Hush. More...

January 21 2014

The 10 best 'Monster of the Week' episodes of all time. Buffy and Angel episodes both get shout-outs.

May 20 2013

10 things we love about Buffy. The Huffington Post looks back on "Buffy" with a slideshow of 10 things they love about the show.EW adds their own list as well. More...

February 26 2013

How To Make Monsters with Doug Jones and Crabcat Industries. Doug has a very minor role in this episode of 'Try This At Home,' but an extended interview can be found here. More...

January 03 2012

Buffy & the Scoobies - "Chosen". From the creator of River Tam & the Fireflies comes...Buffy & the Scoobies! More...

May 23 2011

Buff with Silence - Zen Rhetoric in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". 'Hush' gets analysed from a Zen Buddhist perspective.

September 18 2009

The Gentlemen go for an Adventure in Tennessee. Doug Jones and Camden Toy will be attending Adventurecon in Pigeon Forge, TN. Oct 24 -25.

September 11 2009

Doug Jones co-stars in the short film "The Butterfly Circus". The film is part of the Doorpost Film Project, 2009 contest, in the category of Hope. Please watch and if you like it vote for it. You have until Sept 16th. More...

April 22 2009

Doug Jones stars in the indie film "My Name is Jerry". There will be a special screening of the film in Muncie, Ind. with Doug on May 7th. More...

March 18 2009

Doug Jones blogs about his new film "Super Capers". There is a sneak peak in selected cities this weekend. The movie is a comedy about a "would-be superhero, who possesses no super powers must join a team of misfit heroes-in-training known as The Super Capers."

September 04 2008

Pop Vulture's "5 Creepiest, Scariest TV Monsters". Fun little list of the top five freakiest monsters in recent television history; Buffy, Supernatural and the good Doctor make the list. More...

July 30 2008

Hush, Doug Jones stars in the next installment of "Fear Itself". This Thursday at 10pm on the NBC series episode "Skin & Bones" will air featuring Doug in a rare appearance without prosthetics.

June 09 2008

Classic-Horror's great episodes of horror television. Did The Gentlemen creep you out when you watched 'Hush' for the first time?

October 11 2007

Empire Lists their Top 10 'hidden' performances. Everyone's favorite Gentleman, Doug Jones, comes in at number 2 for Pan's Labyrinth.

May 31 2007

Gentleman Doug Jones cannot be hushed. IESB did an interview with Doug Jones at the Grand Slam event.

April 21 2007

Experience Doug Jones at his official website. This gentleman's website is as quirky as the man himself, and includes some great photos of him without all the make-up.

January 23 2007

Doug Jones film 'Pan's Labyrinth' is nominated for 6 Oscars. Doug Jones is best known to the Buffyverse as one of the main gentlemen in Hush. Doug plays 2 characters in this film, including Pan, the other character is called Pale Man. More...

February 25 2006

Hush. Can't you see the Wizard World LA line up is expanding the verse. Gentleman Doug Jones has just signed on to appear at this event. 20 days until it begins, with no less than 10 guests from the whedonverse. Brought to the event in cooperation by Wizard, Booster, and Las Vegas Autos. More...

November 17 2005

Hush clip w/commentary on ifilm. A clip from the new DVD set. Has Joss, Amber, and Danny talking about "Hush."

October 31 2004

What Chills One of the things mentioned in this article, in which the staff of this website reveal what scare them, is the brilliant and innovative (as well as scary) silent episode "Hush" (reg req)

June 05 2004

Rare variant Tara figure from "Hush" presale at Cinequest. If you're even remotely interested in the variant Tara figure (better than the standard figure IMO), pre-order it now. This one definitely won't be around for long. More...

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