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March 06 2014

(SPOILER) A chat with "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s" Chloe Bennet. She is the subject of today's IMDB blog post. Minor spoilers for next week's episode.

June 25 2010

Charisma Carpenter talks fandom. It's always interesting to hear what actors think of the fans. She also chats about Joss and Wonder Woman and trying to change her pic on IMDB.

June 03 2010

Buffy on IMDb's daily poll. The question is: "From Entertainment Weekly's top 10 greatest TV/film characters from the past 20 years, which is your favorite?"

September 11 2009

What is your favourite Joss Whedon TV creation? We got an IMDB Daily Poll all to ourselves.

August 12 2009

Angel features in the IMDB Poll of the Day. Not Fade Away is one of the options for today's IMDB poll for best final episodes (poll now closed).

March 12 2009

Would you protect your pet from Reavers? IMDb has a new poll, featuring Serenity.

January 13 2008

Firefly back on the IMDb daily poll. The question this time is "Which of these movie/TV drugs do you think would be the most addictive?" Pax from "Serenity" makes the list, though it's attributed to the show.

June 16 2007

IMDb's latest poll: Favorite cancelled TV show? And guess what's a choice? (Poll now closed btw).

August 28 2006

imdb Enters the World of TV Show Ratings. Many of you may have noticed, but just in case, imdb recently started tracking ratings for TV shows, so why not take a trip over and let your opinion be known. More...

April 04 2006

IMdb reports on Joblo story... Apparently some people didn't get that it was an April Fools joke. How very depressing.

January 28 2006

IMDb has Episode Guides! The Internet Movie Database's large resource irons out the difficulty in locating actor's guest appearances into easy-to-read episode guides. For example, Buffy (main link), Angel, and Firefly. More...

January 08 2006

Serenity and cast are all over IMDB Best of 2005. Serenity #5 on the Best Picture list. More...

January 02 2006

Vote for IMDB Best Movie of 2005. Voting now open for best of 2005. Several categories for our BDM! (Reg required to vote).

October 02 2005

Serenity re-enters IMdb top 250. After these gloomy box office report, I figured that we need some cheering up. And even though it might not be enough it's at least something. More...

August 27 2005

Serenity enters IMDB top 250, at place 245. More...

August 23 2005

And now Serenity got an user rating on IMdb... I kept telling myself; "Don't post a story about the user rating on IMdb when it's released, it's not such a big deal." Then I saw it and I'll tell you guys, you gotta see this. More...

August 22 2005

IMdb poll of the day: "September release you're most looking forward to?" The IMdb poll we all knew would come eventually has arrived, Serenity dukes it out with all of the other September releases. More...

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