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"How can I thank you, you mysterious black-clad-hunk-of-a-knight-thing?"
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February 06 2009

Interview with Joss Whedon - "Where no TV man has gone before". Rolling Stone Magazine interviews Joss about various internet productions. More...

August 12 2008

Hollywood goes Silicon Valley. Joss headlines TechCrunch50 conference panel which will "showcase the efforts of a posse of entertainment luminaries who are creating content exclusively for the Web." More...

July 24 2008

The Guts Of Dr Horrible. Writer Warren Ellis offers his take on Dr. Horrible and the "Appointment Internet" event. More...

July 22 2008

Blogger and CEO Jeffrey McManus guesstimates the financial arrangements for Dr. Horrible, and potential returns for its performers and producers. More...

July 18 2008

Screenwriters strike back: 'Dr. Horrible' leads Web charge. Variety discusses the post-strike environment for content creation on the Internet.

July 01 2008

Joss Whedon hopes to tease fans into buying DVDs of his musical. ValleyWag's San Fran editor takes the view that Dr. Horrible is sure to be pirated, and posits that Whedon's "distribution twist" is just free publicity. More...

December 25 2005

Validation from Joss. Leftover quote from his SF Chron interview, on how he would've lived on the internet as a kid, instead of being an adult occasional visitor... More...

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