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June 22 2011

Vancouver fans revive Firefly to go "Into the Black". A feature about the long awaited Firefly fan film.

September 10 2010

Titan Books feature on the Firefly fan film "Into The Black". A great interview with one of the stars of the film.

March 30 2007

Lord of the Geeks - Joss talks fandom. And there's comments from the guys behind 'Cherub' and 'Into The Black' as well.

March 05 2007

Into The Black on Global National News! (Uh, that's some Canadian network, I think). Neat-o little piece on our favorite fan-film production. I'm salivating heavily, just so you know.

December 27 2006

Merry Christmas from "Into the Black" crew! "Into the Black," a live-action, fan-made show set in the Firefly/Serenity 'Verse, made a short video of Christmas happenings onboard their ship, the Samsara. More...

October 11 2006

Into the Black trailer. Official trailer for the Fan-film "Into the black" as shown at V-Con.

June 08 2006

Fan films reclaim the Whedonverse. Major feature in Wired Magazine about the current run of Jossverse fan films. Mostly devoted to the Angel parody 'Cherub' but 'Into the Black', 'Mosquito' and 'Forgotten Memories' also get mentioned. 'Cherub' also gets profiled in this Seattle newspaper article as well. More...

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