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October 20 2011

The Avengers? Yeah some of it was filmed with an iPhone. This, according to Seamus McGarvey, the director of photography for Marvel Studios' Joss Whedon-directed superhero flick. ETA: Turns out he was misquoted, Seamus tells the Hollywood Reporter "[it] was edited to read that I shot some of the film with the iPhone. This is not true."

March 20 2010

The Dr Horrible Comic Book App for your iPhone. Buffy Season 8 to follow?

November 14 2009

Dr. Horrible inspires Germans. It seems that once again life is imitating art in this video on the BBC News website. So everyone be careful with your wonderflonium now.

July 21 2009

Dark Horse's Buffy Gelaskins for your iPhone. What will they think of next?

January 08 2009

Exclusive interview with the creator of Ninja Ropes. Nice piece about the game that got its own song in Commentary! The Musical. More...

December 31 2008

Dr. Horrible's Commentary! ode to Ninja Ropes flatters the game's author. (Click the link to play Ninja Ropes) - Sarkscape, author of Ninja Ropes is a big fan of Firefly, and thanks the Dr. Horrible team for including the game. They especially thank Nathan Fillion for his costume at the recent LA screening. More...

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