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"It's not enough to bash in heads you’ve got to bash in minds"
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February 23 2013

Photos: Joss Whedon at the European premiere of Much Ado About Nothing. On the red carpet outside the Savoy on Dublin's O'Connell Street this Saturday.

September 28 2011

CSTS event today in Dublin. There will be a Dr Horrible screening and Shingdig Pub quiz. More...

August 16 2009

Dublin, Ireland & Auckland, New Zealand having CSTS Affiliate City events. Date hasn't been set for New Zealand yet. 7 Countries. More...

March 16 2009

Happy St Patricks Day from Angel! Irish Angel artist Stephen Mooney's tribute to Paddy's Day and Angel's Irish roots. More...

August 08 2005

UK and Irish Serenity screenings announced for August 24th. London, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin. And according to the Serenity Movie Site, tickets are now on sale. So go spread the word.

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