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March 06 2016

'Serenity' gets watched in space. Astronaut Tim Kopra tweeted that he watched the movie abroad the International Space Station. More...

April 17 2014

Astronaut makes first ever Instagram selfie from the ISS, wearing a Firefly t-shirt. Astronaut Steve Swanson took the very first Instagram selfie in space. And just to show he's a big damn hero, he did it wearing a Firefly t-shirt. More...

March 26 2011

Jeff Ricketts stars in monochrom's ISS 2011. Our favorite Blue Glove Man and one of the five original Whedon hat tricks stars in this "ten-part improv-reality-sitcom about living and working on the International Space Station". More...

February 19 2009

Vote to name the International Space Station node 3. After Serenity made it to space last year, NASA want to know what to name part of the space station, and Serenity is on the list.

October 13 2006

Contest for naming Node 2 of ISS. Name it Serenity? Browncoat(maiii) who posted about the Serenity DVDs going to ISS, also posted info about a contest open for teachers and students (K-12), and submissions are by either class or school. No individual submissions. More...

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