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January 10 2010

Miracle Laurie's Uke Box Heroes album available on iTunes. Miracle Laurie's band Uke Box Heroes have released their self-titled album on iTunes. It is now available for download, as Miracle just twittered.

December 15 2009

Dollhouse season 2 on sale at iTunes USA. For a limited time 99 cents an episode, $1.99 for HD.

October 28 2009

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted episode 1 out now on iTunes. $1.99 will buy you 13:38 worth of Joss Whedon, John Cassaday and Laura Martin's superb X-tale in motion comic format. More...

August 31 2009

(SPOILER) Sneak peak at Dollhouse season 2 on iTunes. Looks like some of the clip can be viewed internationally by double clicking on the link.

August 20 2009

Felicia Day's "Avatar" now available as MP3 song on iTunes. The video already hit #1, now the song is available in MP3 format. More...

August 16 2009

Dollhouse's 'Epitaph One' number one on iTunes. It can be purchased here.

August 10 2009

Dollhouse: Starter Pack on iTunes USA. You can now buy the first five episodes for $4.99. In related news, 'Epitaph One' will be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon On Demand later on today.

July 08 2009

"Epitaph One" will be available on iTunes and Amazon VOD. According to Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune, the so-called "lost" episode of Dollhouse will hit iTunes on August 11. But it's reconfirmed that it apparently will not show on Hulu. ETA: That it also will appear on Amazon Video on Demand, as indicated by their tweet Thursday morning.

July 07 2009

Dollhouse now available on iTunes UK. A season pass will set you back £23.99 and individual episodes cost £1.89. More...

May 21 2009

Buffy Season 3 now on iTunes (USA).

March 07 2009

Watch Dollhouse episode 4 'Gray Hour' on Fox on Demand. Missed it last night? It's online at FOD. Or watch it on Hulu. It's also available for download on iTunes in SD and HD. More...

February 16 2009

Dollhouse made it to #1 on iTunes. TV By The Numbers has a pic of it.

February 15 2009

Dollhouse "Ghost" is in the iTunes USA Top 10 TV Episodes. As of Sunday morning Dollhouse's episode 1 has already become an iTunes USA top seller! More...

October 08 2008

Dr. Horrible available on UK and AUS iTunes. As individual acts or a bundle. At least that's what the official fansite says.

July 15 2008

1st act of Dr. Horrible already in iTunes top 10 TV shows. #9 in their top ten selling TV shows, and the day is early yet. It's also number one in Top TV Seasons.

September 03 2007

Mark Sheppard's Bionic Woman Not Available on iTunes. Or any NBC show next season for that matter, due to an ongoing dispute between Apple and NBC. Shows affected include "Heroes", "The Office", "Psych", "30 Rock" and "Battlestar Galactica". More...

December 23 2006

iTunes Best of TV 2006. Staff favorites include BDHeroes and Scoobies. Topping the staff list of 15 is Firefly. A little further down is Buffy. (I suppose they felt including Angel would have been stuffing the ballot box.) The list may be in random order, but it's still nice to see the Whedon-y goodness so prominent (need iTunes to view link, click here for screen grab). More...

July 22 2006

Buffy's Second Season available on iTunes! Who knows how long it's been there, but I am beyond psyched. Just more opportunities to spread some Jossy goodness. In addition, if the great folks over at Apple are uploading another season to their store, the first season must have sold relatively well. Yay us! (link opens up relevant iTunes page).

May 22 2006

Buffy ep "The Harvest" selected as US-iTunes staff favorite. It's a small thing, but the episode is only one of two videos listed as a staff favorite on the US iTunes Music Store (US iTunes software required to view link). More...

May 09 2006

BtVS S1 and Firefly Complete Series added to iTunes. You read correctly, a couple of our favorite shows have been added. Although they're apparently classics already, they can be found at the iTunes TV Shows section as Fox was just recently added. More...

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