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February 16 2015

Felicia Day and J August Richards play a Marvel video game. A comedic gaming session on Felicia's 'Co-Optitude' Let's Play series. More...

May 22 2014

AfterBuzz TV interviews J. August Richards. This 30-minute long interview discusses his role in Agents of SHIELD, including the audition process and how he got hired, his work on Angel, playing lawyers on the screen and also about his career choices.

May 15 2013

Jeffrey Bell confirms J. August Richards is NOT playing Luke Cage. His interview with IGN reveals some new stuff about the role and the overall tone of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

April 05 2013

TV Line confirms earlier story that J. August Richards WILL appear in S.H.I.E.L.D.. His role is "super top secret".

June 08 2009

Boston Herald Interviews J. August Richards. He says, "The show is still kind of living on, which is a strange thing to me.

April 30 2009

TNT set return dates for J. August Richards and Christian Kane shows. Raising the Bar return on June 8th at 10pm and Leverage returns July 15th at 9pm.

June 25 2008

J. August is 'Raising the Bar' this August on TNT. JAR co-stars in the series. This is a new series from Steven Bochco. The series follows the lives and cases of young lawyers who have been friends since law school, but who now work on opposing sides. The series is scheduled to premiere Labor Day Weekend.

August 01 2007

J. August Richards in new legal drama from Steven Bochco. The series is to air on TNT, "the untitled project revolves around young lawyers who have been friends since law school but now work on opposing sides."

February 09 2007

J. August Richards makes directorial debut. He'll be presenting the nineteen-minute short film, suspense thriller "Privacy Policy", on Saturday, Feb. 10, at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival (PAFF) in Los Angeles. More...

August 28 2006

Happy Birthday to J. August Richards. Happy 33rd Birthday to J August Richards, who played Charles Gunn on Angel.

May 04 2006

J August's conviction is driven to succeed. He talks about his new show and being an actor, "I may have thought I got into this business to be famous but that changed quite quickly and I realized I love what I do as an actor."

April 01 2006

J August Richards' Conviction on demand. Starting in May, Comcast and NBC Universal will add some of NBC's most-watched programs to Comcast's ON DEMAND service. One of the series listed is J's new show.

March 29 2006

J August's Conviction hopes to get a boost from airing a Monday night episode. "Madness" featuring the main story line revolving around J's character Billy will be airing Monday, April 10th on NBC at 10pm. More...

January 23 2006

'Conviction' starring J. August Richards to premiere March 3rd at 10pm ET on NBC. 'Las Vegas' will be its lead-in.

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