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"Mercy, forgiveness, trust. Those are the things he left back there."
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March 25 2011

Sean Maher and James Leary to appear at Houston Comicpalooza. The convention will run from May 27th till May 29th.

August 10 2009

James C. Leary interviewed on Joss'd. The podcast about all things Whedon (as if there was one) includes a chat with Clem himself, around the 29-minute mark.

May 31 2009

James Leary writes an LA Survival Guide - Gays Throws The Best Weddings. Our favorite loose skin demon gives his take on the LA scene.

February 18 2009

James Leary Joins the Cast of Lilly. Our Clem has been cast as 'Adam' in the new UK horror feature 'Lilly', which is currently in pre-production. More...

June 01 2007

Highlights from the last ever Buffy and Angel magazine. Read a snippet of Joss' farewell message and goodbyes in full from the likes of James Leary and Camdem Toy.

March 13 2007

James "Clem" Leary's adult film spoof availible at Atomfilms. A very humorous spoof of the industry made a few years ago. Not suitable for work but extremely funny. It guest stars, Lou Diamond Phillips and others. (Free reg req) Check out the more area for some other appearances this month by Mr. Leary. More...

March 09 2007

James Leary is looking for some friends. Best known to the verse as Clem the loose skin demon buddy of Spike, he now has a myspace page. He's a great comedic talent and there is a nice video clip of him as Clem as well as other characters he has played on his page. More...

September 08 2006

Extensive and illustrated Dragon*Con 2006 Report. girlpire's excellent report replete with accounts of panels, pics, and videos. Part 2 is here. More...

March 28 2006

New Whedonverse Dragon*con Guests Confirmed! Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Andy Hallett, and James Leary have been added to Dragon*con's confirmed list of guests! More...

March 04 2006

Mark Sheppard and James Leary to appear at a convention in May. 'Love Letter to Itty' is a Charity con in Burbank, CA May 12-14, 2006. James Leary is the MC of the event, Mark Sheppard is one of the guest that weekend. More...

February 07 2006

An interview with James Leary. He talks about his movie "Stunt C*cks" and the proposed animated sequel. And of course there's a Clem mention. How could there not be? "Clem would have his own series. Sort of like Sex in the City, but with demons".

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