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September 15 2007

James Marsters Sept. Q and A online now. This month covers advise to Spike, bacon or sausage, what does generosity mean, among others. Also there is a snippet about upcoming news on his US album launch. More...

September 14 2007

James Marsters plays the Celtic Blues in Cardiff. Tickets for the 2 events on Nov. 17th go onsale Sept 14th. The concert will kick off the launch of his new album release in the UK & Europe. More details in the extended description. More...

June 22 2007

Fangoria interviews James Marsters and Tony Todd. They talk about the horror film Shadow Puppets, which comes out on DVD later this year. Including thoughts on being typecast, "I understand genre, as opposed to an actor who’s just showing up but doesn’t really respect it."

September 06 2006

(SPOILER) James Marsters to Reprise Brainiac? Article from the Toronto Star stating that James Marsters will be re-appearing in Smallville this season. Mention is near the end of the article. More...

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