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January 24 2009

Jane Espenson will be showrunner and co-exec producer on Caprica. According to the Chicago Tribune, she will be moving over as co-exec producer and will eventually become the showrunner. Which probably means this is her last Dollhouse episode for a while. More...

September 19 2008

Warehouse 13 is picked up by SciFi. Jane Espenson worked on the pilot.

January 11 2008

Jane Espenson talks about "Overcoming Writers' Block". Buffy, Angel scribe discusses how she overcomes writers' block. More...

December 07 2007

Marti Noxon organises comedy concert fundraiser for Dec 14th. Eddie Izzard, Sarah Silverman and Jack Black will headline the 8 p.m. event at UCLA's Royce Hall. More...

September 12 2006

Five years on. A short post from Jane Espenson about working on Buffy at the time of the attacks of 9/11.

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