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"Who is this? Who is this? I came to fight the vampire with a soul. Guess you shouldn't have sold it, huh?"
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December 05 2007

Interview with Jane Espenson by Shanna Swendson at Trashionista. A chat about Serenity Found and Jane Austen.

August 22 2007

Sense and Serenity - Nathan Fillion finds a new love! Martin Firrell's part in introducing the two new lovebirds is included, as well as reaction from Joss Whedon and James Gunn! More...

November 03 2006

Marc Blucas co-stars in "The Jane Austen Book Club". He may not have gotten a role on ER, but Mr. Blucas is going to co-star in a movie starring Lynn Redgrave, Kathy Baker, Maria Bello and Jimmy Smits, among others, to be written and directed by Robin Swicord.

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