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August 09 2017

Read Jane Espenson's draft scripts for the Buffy episode "First Date". This is a great insight into the writing for a tv episode.

October 04 2016

From 'Buffy' to 'Once': Jane Espenson on creating TV's best female friends. It's a great interview.

December 04 2015

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson (and others) discuss Jessica Jones. Insightful interview of some of the women who brought the amazing Jessica Jones to life on Netflix.

September 13 2015

'Beginnings' podcast interview with Jane Espenson. In which Andy Beckerman chats to Jane about her life in Iowa, her background in computer science and linguistics, being a TV writer, and lots more.

March 17 2015

Mutant Enemy writers room reunion from the Nerdist Writers Panel series. Ben Blacker (of Nerdist) reunites an illustrious team of script writers. More...

September 30 2014

New trailer for 'Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show'. The film, which features Joss Whedon, will be released on Halloween.

September 03 2014

Joss Whedon and Jane Espenson talk about the web series. It's yet another excerpt from "Showrunners: The Art Of Running A TV Show".

August 14 2014

The ultimate guide to this fall's science fiction and fantasy TV. Several Whedonverse writers and actors are involved with these shows.

July 20 2014

Listen to some really great interviews with Jane Espenson and Marti Noxon. These podcasts are from this year's Genre Smash! events run by the Writers Guild Foundation. The Jane Espenson interview is from April 15th, the Marti Noxon interview is from January 21st. Both interviews give a great insight into Buffy, Joss, the writing process, women writers and more. More...

June 14 2014

Kickstarter for Sci Fi Museum in LA that will include Firefly. Thought this might be of interest to folks. Rewards include 2 Firefly related activities and drinks with Jane Espenson. More...

May 01 2014

Talking to the producers of Showrunners: A Documentary Film. The producers talk about interviewing Joss Whedon and mention being in the Spartacus writer's room.

April 22 2014

Clip of 'Showrunners' doc unveiled at Wonder Con '14. "...The first feature length film to explore the rising power of the TV showrunner and the behind the scenes process that goes into making a hit show."

April 07 2014

Win tickets to see Jane Espenson at Genre Smash! in Los Angeles on April 15th. News about this event was posted the other day but we now have five pairs of tickets to give away. So if you're interested, send an email to with the subject "Jane" and we'll pick the winners randomly tomorrow.

April 04 2014

Jane Espenson is coming to Genre Smash. The Writers Guild Foundation hosts a series of talks featuring screenwriters best known for their genre work, and Jane will be the next guest. It will be held April 15 at the NerdMelt Showroom in Los Angeles. More...

March 21 2014

Nicholas Brendon and James Marsters talk to CBR about Buffy Season 10. The Buffy veterans discuss writing comics, some stories from the early days of Buffy, and the differences between television and print.

December 16 2013

The Trio: the oral history of Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew, Buffy's geekiest villains. Jennifer Vineyard undertakes a "micro oral history" of how The Trio were developed, interviewing the writers and actors.

October 17 2013

The new season of 'Husbands' is now available internationally on YouTube. The videos are up on the CW Seed channel.
Jane Espenson at NYCC: Serenity, crossovers and Once Upon a Time. As ever, an enjoyable interview with Jane. Her thoughts on what she'd like to see in the new Serenity comic book mini-series are very interesting.

September 30 2013

The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith Podcast interviews Shawn Ryan and Jane Espenson. The Podcast includes interviews with other TV writers during WGA 101 Best Written TV Series announcement event last June and also the Panel discussions conducted during the event. More...

August 31 2013

The JV Club podcast interviews Jane Espenson. An fun and quite personal interview with our favorite Jane Espenson. It is indeed laminatable.

July 31 2013

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell on Husbands Season 3. A post comic-con interview with the duo reveals some new stuff about the upcoming season and their process when it comes to comic books.

July 20 2013

(SPOILER) Buzzfeed's SDCC party report with Husbands' clip. Buzzfeed's post has clips of shows shared at last evening's apparent drinkfest outside SDCC. The clip from Husbands' upcoming season on CWSeed is great. Enjoy!

July 14 2013

It's Jane Espenson's birthday! She's 49 today.

July 10 2013

Dark Horse signings schedule for San Diego Comic-Con. As always, plenty of Whedonesque goodness to be had at the Dark Horse booth, including signings by Georges Jeanty, Christos Gage, Felicia Day, Andrew Chambliss, Jane Espenson, and of course Joss Whedon.

July 05 2013

(SPOILER) Amy Acker to guest star on 'Husbands'. Whedon alum to join ranks of other Whedon alum on Whedon alum project. More...

May 13 2013

Buffy writers reunite for Hollywood Reporter article. This story was first hinted by David Fury on May 4th, there's a picture and a video. More...

May 10 2013

ABC renews Castle, Suburgatory, Once Upon a Time, and Grey's Anatomy. Good news for Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Jane Espenson, and Jesse Williams.

April 20 2013

Jane Espenson on The Nerdist Writer's Panel. This is the podcast for the April 14th event, in which Jane, Brad Bell, and Sean Hemeon talked about Husbands.

April 17 2013

Jane Espenson thinks Amy Acker could play the Doctor. In this episode of Just Cos, a cosplay based show on the Nerdist YouTube channel, Chloe Dykstra and Jane discuss gender in Doctor Who. The discussion also covers women in TV and film on a broader scale.

April 10 2013

Jane Espenson at Nerdist Writer's Panel on April 14. Jane Espenson speaking about Husbands, speaking about writing for TV, signing comics (including other Buffy/Angel comics written by Jane), and other general awesomeness.

March 21 2013

'Husbands' book tour with Jane Espenson and Brad Bell. Jane and Cheeks will be promoting the Husbands comic book, beginning March 29. They'll be doing Q&A and book signing. Includes a stop in London.

March 20 2013

Jane Espenson joins the "Once Upon a Time" spinoff. Should it go to series it will take place in Wonderland.

February 20 2013

Read Jane Espenson's spec script for 'Frasier'. There's a new site called "Showrunners: Show Us Your Specs" dedicated to showing "early stabs at TV writing by some of today's top showrunners". Jane's script from 1994 is one of the first offerings.

December 21 2012

'Why Joss Whedon is Hero of the Year' by Jane Espenson. "Being asked about the impact Joss Whedon has had on comic book movies is like being asked about the impact the moon landing had on moon exploration."

December 20 2012

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell on the Pop My Culture podcast. Lots of goofy and geeky chat with the Husbands creators.

November 29 2012

Kickstarter for "Showrunners: A Documentary Film". Many showrunners in this documentary, including Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, and Steven S. DeKnight.

November 14 2012

A live twitter chat with Jane Espenson today at 7pm PDT. Buffyfest will be hosting a live Twitter chat with Jane courtesy of Dark Horse Comics! Whether you're wondering about her web sitcom Husbands, the Billy the Vampire Slayer arc currently taking place in the Buffy Season 9 comics, Once Upon A Time, or something from deep in her past. ETA: A recap of the chat can be found here.

November 12 2012

"Georgiana" by Jane Espenson. This story originally appeared in the "Flirting with Pride & Prejudice" anthology.

November 05 2012

'The Thrilling Adventure Hour': L.A.'s geekiest cult theater experience. How a labor of love about an old-fashioned radio show with guest stars like Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris built an Internet-fueled fandom (which includes "Buffy," "Lost" and "Fringe" alums).

October 31 2012

Comic Book Resources interview with Jane Espenson & Brad Bell. They discuss the merits of filming a successful web series, casting famous faces, and discuss their Husbands comic book. More...

October 29 2012

Joss Whedon discusses his acting roles. Evidently Husbands is the biggest role Joss has ever had on screen.

October 15 2012

Video Interview with Jane Espenson. Interview conducted during New York Comic-Con about Husbands upcoming comic book.

October 10 2012

(SPOILER) CBR talks to Jane Espenson about the new arc starting in Buffy # 14. "The core of the "Buffy" style of storytelling is to always have a reason to tell a story -- to have something you are setting out to say. That is an agenda."
(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #14. This Jane Espenson penned story features the debut of Billy.

October 05 2012

(SPOILER) TV Guide interview with Jane Espenson about 'Once Upon a Time'. Jane Espenson, who wrote this Sunday's episode, talks about season 2.

September 30 2012

Tim Minear and Jane Espenson reminisce about Firefly. A bittersweet article that came out on the 10th anniversary of our Big Damn Show. More...

September 12 2012

Husbands Climax (their second season). Actors Joss Whedon & Felicia Day interpret the inspired words of co-writer Jane Espenson.

September 11 2012

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg talk more about yesterday's Buffy news. io9 were curious about it so they asked Drew and Jane some follow-up questions.

September 10 2012

(SPOILER) Meet the first gay male Slayer. Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg tell all.

September 02 2012

Jane Espenson's Husbands getting its own Dark Horse Comic. The Team Husbands tumblr has the first cover art from the new digital series. More...

August 24 2012

Star Wars Detours announces some Whedon-related talent on board. Aside from Seth Green's position in creating it, Jane Espenson will be writing and Felicia Day providing some voice work for the new animated comedy series.

August 22 2012

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell talk about Husbands Season 2. They talk about Husbands, controversy, network TV, creative freedom, and mention a bunch on Whedony guest stars like Joss and Felicia Day

August 17 2012

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell discuss Husbands on Google Play. If you missed the live event, the whole video is now available to watch.

August 14 2012

"He is natural and funny and just perfect!" Jane Espenson talks about Joss' upcoming stint on 'Husbands'.

August 13 2012

Nerdist Writers Panel: TV Fantasy Goes Mainstream. This panel was recorded at the ATX Television Festival and includes Jane Espenson, Jose Molina, and Ben Edlund.

August 09 2012

(SPOILER) Behind the Scenes look at the writing process for Husbands. Interesting behind the scenes video showing Jane and Brad Bell's writing process and table read for Season 2 of Husbands. Also, bonus picture of Joss Whedon as Brady’s agent Wes. More...

August 08 2012

Jane Espenson to talk Husbands at GeekGirlCon. Jane Espenson, Brad Bell and Sean Hemeon will discuss "Husbands - A Comedy for the Marriage Equality Age" at this Seattle con on Saturday, August 11. More...

August 02 2012

Listen to Nerdist Writers Panel: Women on TV, featuring Jane Espenson. This panel was recorded at ATX Television Festival on June 2nd.
A recap of the 'Girls Gone Genre' panel at Comic-Con. Marti Noxon and Jane Espenson were two of the panellists.

July 27 2012

Premiere event for Jane Espenson's "Husbands" Season 2 at the Paley Center Los Angeles. "Husbands" is the first online sitcom to be hosted at the Paley Center for the Media. The event features a Season 2 preview screening followed by a look behind the scenes. Jane Espenson is scheduled to appear along with co-creator Brad Bell ("Cheeks"), and others.

July 15 2012

Joss to guest star in Jane Espenson's Husbands. He'll be in all 3 episodes of the 2nd season, with his biggest acting role to date as Brady's agent.

July 09 2012

(SPOILER) Cover art for Jane Espenson & Drew Z. Greenberg's Buffy Season 9 story. That would be issue 14 which is out in October (Georges Jeanty's variant cover can be found here). The cover art and info for Spike #3 , which is also out that month, can be found here and here. More...

July 01 2012

20-year Buffy panel at SDCC includes Kristy Swanson. On the final day of San Diego Comic-Con 2012, "[s]tars from the hit TV series Buffy... (Nicholas Brendon, Clare Kramer) join forces with Dark Horse editor Scott Allie, writer/producer Jane Espenson, illustrator Georges Jentry [sic], and the original Buffy herself (Kristy Swanson, star of the 1992 motion picture), not to mention a surprise guest or two."
Why Jane Espenson supports 'Can't Stop The Serenity'. In related Jane coverage, she has her own panel at Comic-Con on the Sunday. More...

June 29 2012

Joss Whedon on Espenson & Bell's "Husband" series.' In an article posted on, Joss discusses the web series created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell. More...

June 28 2012

(SPOILER) EW interviews Jane Espenson about Season 2 of " Husbands". The article also features behind-the-scenes pictures with the cast and some of the guest stars from the new season.

June 27 2012

Several Whedonverse alums to appear in Husbands Season 2. Jane Espenson has enlisted some old friends for her web series.

June 26 2012

Great Women in Nerdery: A Jane Espenson Interview. Jane is chosen as a Great Woman in Nerdery and she talks about working with Joss again, what it is like to be a woman in the industry, and more... More...

May 12 2012

Jane Espenson talks (and drinks cocktails) with Stan Lee. In which they discuss flawed characters, Buffy and some Joss. More...

May 03 2012

Jane Espenson and Douglas Petrie on The Nerdist Writers Panel. Jane Espenson (Once Upon a Time; Husbands; Buffy; Caprica) and Douglas Petrie (Charlie's Angels; Buffy; Pushing Daisies) return to the studio to revisit Jane's old blog,, and discuss how, while the business may have changed since she was regularly updating it, writing has not. Plus: Who is Ty Cashman? More...

April 22 2012

Jane Espenson is interviewed by Raphael Sbarge. The "Buffy" and "Dollhouse" writer talks with the "Once Upon a Time" actor about her new shows and references Joss in the three-part audio interview. More...

April 20 2012

Watch Jane Espenson play Settlers of Catan on this week's "TableTop". TableTop is a part of Felicia Day's youtube channel "Geek and Sundry." They bring in various celebrities to play tabletop board games.

March 19 2012

Get Husbands season 2 kickstarted. Contribute money to help produce season 2 and get rewards. More...

March 16 2012

'Husbands the Series' Gets a Season 2. Jane Espenson just tweeted from Wondercon news that her web series will continue.

December 26 2011

The New Yorker praises Jane Espenson's 'Husbands'. Emily Nussbaum says the web series is "totes adorbs."

December 17 2011

Jane Espenson on Crazy Sexy Geeks podcast. She discusses Husbands, Once Upon a Time, plus "women breaking into screenwriting, the magic of storytelling, and what is her private geeky pleasure".

November 29 2011

Jane Espenson, Cheeks and Sean Hemeon talk Husbands. Jane Espenson and crew talk about Husbands, if Barnabas really died on Caprica, kitten gangs, being offensive and more.

November 26 2011

Jane Espenson's first episode of Once Upon A Time airs this Sunday night. There will be a livechat with Jane at the link during the 8 pm EST/ 7 pm CST airing. Harry Groener also guest stars in the episode. More...

November 04 2011

'Once Upon a Time' gets a full season order. Jane Espenson and Andrew Chambliss are staffers on the show.

October 06 2011

Jane Espenson Live Chat. Late notice but Ms. Espenson is on air right now discussing her body of work.

October 01 2011

Jane Espenson Joins GeekGirlCon in Seattle. GeekGirlCon adds television writer and producer Jane Espenson as a special guest. Espenson will appear at GeekGirlCon on Saturday, October 8th at the EMP Museum's Oral History Live!, GeekGirlCon's "Whenodnistas" panel, and to greet fans at the convention. More...

September 27 2011

Web Content Corner with Jane Espenson. An interview with Jane Espenson about her new web series, Husbands. More...

September 15 2011

Nerdist Writers Panel talks Husbands the Series. The latest podcast features a discussion with the web series' cast and crew, including co-writer/executive producer Jane Espenson. (The second episode is up on the series' website.)

September 14 2011

Watch the first episode of Jane Espenson's 'Husbands'. It's a brand new web comedy about same-sex marriage.

September 13 2011

The genesis of Jane Espenson's new project, 'Husbands'. She, and the show's other co-creator, provide insights and quotes leading up to tonight's premiere.

September 09 2011

The Mind of Jane Espenson. New interview with Jane Espenson on Torchwood, Husbands, Firefly, and the badassery of Buffy, Echo, Starbuck, and Gwen.
Why is TV losing women writers? Maureen Ryan investigates why the number of staffed female writers has been halved in the last five years. Features quotes from Whedon alums Jane Espenson and Shawn Ryan, and mentions Felicia Day. More...

September 08 2011

Husbands Event with Jane Espenson. Hang with Jane on Sunday, September 11th in West Hollywood for a panel on her new series, Husbands. More...

September 05 2011

(SPOILER) Trailer for Jane Espenson's new web series "Husbands". It arrives September 13.

August 01 2011

Read Jane Espenson's 'Spike' digital comic for free. Today, August 1, the first little tidbit of Season 9 is now available through the Dark Horse Digital store, free of charge care of a special code that you can only get through comic shops. More...
Jane Espenson discusses her new web series 'Husbands'. A must-see for anyone interested in the current state of television.

July 24 2011

TV Line Interviews Jane Espenson. Michael Ausiello interviews Jane Espenson. She talks Buffy, Torchwood: Miracle Day and Husbands among many other things.

July 23 2011

Highlights from the Girls Gone Genre panel at Comic-Con. Jane Espenson and Marti Noxon were on the panel.

July 20 2011

Promo pic for Jane Espenson's new web series 'Husbands'. The series "tells the story of a little marriage that was never supposed to happen. But it did. And that turned out to be a very good thing."

July 14 2011

Happy Birthday to Jane Espenson! There's a lot of birthday well-wishing going on on Twitter, and a Tor blog entry by Scott Allie has kicked off a birthday meme. More...

July 11 2011

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson's commentary on Torchwood: Miracle Day. It'll be a regular Monday feature at AfterElton for the duration of the series. And yes she was thrilled to see youknowwho in the first episode.

July 07 2011

Jane Espenson interviewed at Tor. She answers 10 questions, mostly about 'Torchwood'. The Hollywood Reporter and ThinkProgress have Q&As with her as well.

July 01 2011

Video from the April Transmedia Conference. Panel videos featuring Jane Espenson discussing ""It's About Time!" Structuring Transmedia Narratives" and Stephen DeKnight discussing: "Game On!: Intelligent Designs or Fan Aggregators?" More...

June 23 2011

The introduction to 'Serenity Found'. It's written by Jane Espenson and if you're a Firefly fan, it's worth checking out.

June 21 2011

Torchwood: Web of Lies format details. If this report is the totality of it, the ancillary to Miracle Day, featuring Eliza Dushku, will arrive in the form of an iOS app. First part free, all ten parts for $2.99. Not so much the "web series" people keep referring to it as.

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