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December 12 2013

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #5 cover revealed. It's the full-art version of the sketch Adam Baldwin has had as his avatar for the past couple of months.

September 03 2011

Felicia poses with the largest Jayne hat EVER! Felicia posted this picture on twitter of her posing with the Super-sized Jayne hat (she has been posing for photos with lots of humorous costumes at DragonCon). I wish I was there!

November 17 2010

Ma Cobb's been busy: a fan's take on Jayne's shiny hat. Blastr's Image of the Day shows off just how dedicated we Browncoats can be when it comes to con cosplay! More...

February 05 2010

Man They Call Jayne listed among Best of Badasses. Everyone's favourite character with a town named after him makes The AV Club's list of Favourite Badasses.

April 26 2009

The many faces of Adam Baldwin on Chuck, or at least the top 10 disguises. Number one is my favorite, but they are all great. Which one is your favorite?

May 21 2008

Adam Baldwin Serenity Shirt on Ebay for Charity. Looks like this is the last and final shirt!

October 30 2006

Adam Baldwin finds Day Break Nov 15th. When his new show starts on ABC in a 2 hour premiere at 9pm ET. The show stars Taye Diggs as a guy who keeps living the same day over and over. Reminder: Standoff (with Gina Torres) is back tonight at a new time 8pm ET on FOX. More...

August 24 2006

Tribute song to "Jayne's Hat" created by myspace musician Stan Peal. His mom sent it to him in a box, and he'll keep it in a drawer with his jocks. More...

July 06 2005

The Signal's second podcast is up. This week's podcast includes features on Shepard Book and our favourite trained man-ape with the training.

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