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November 09 2007

Online trivia quiz this weekend at The winner will receive signed copies of books by Jeff Mariotte.

May 02 2006

Jeff Mariotte talks Angel. Quite an extensive and interesting interview with the comic book writer. Criticism of 'Angel: The Curse' gets addressed and as does whether the post Not Fade Away comic books should be considered canon or not.

April 10 2006

A podcast interview with 'The Master' Mark Metcalf. has some other Buffyverse podcast interviews. There's an interesting discussion with Jeff Marriotte about Joss Whedon, Angel and the IDW comic books. And if you have some spare change, you can find out how good Buffy the Animated Series really was in the premium version of this Jeph Loeb interview.

November 07 2005

Jeff Mariotte talks about his work on Angel Novels and Comics. Include a few things about upcoming Angel comic book mini series "Angel: Old Friends". In related news, Peter David made a few comments on "Spike Vs. Dracula" five-part miniseries in his Wizard World Texas Panel. More...

July 19 2005

Title of IDW's Next Angel Mini Series Revealed: Angel: Old Friends. "It's five issues [that] Jeff Mariotte is writing, which will have a lot more of the characters from the television series, and take a few steps toward answering what happened after the television series ended," Ryall told Newsarama. More...

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