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"Brown...mined from the earth by the hard scrabble brown miners of north Brownderton!"
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March 13 2009

Jewel Staite & Tahmoh Penikett to appear at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Jo Chen will also be attending April 25 & 26. More...

September 23 2008

Jewel Staite to make a special appearance at the Sci-Fi Expo in Plano, Texas, October 25-26. The convention details are here.

August 20 2008

"Shiny!" Little Kaylee update. Quantum Mechanix' Little Damn Heroes Kaylee maquette is available for pre-order now. More...

January 14 2007

Jewel answers some questions. Jewel posts a new MySpace blog and answers some of the questions she's been getting. Features appearances by Vegas, half-siblings, dogs. Also: She is considering attending the Browncoat Cruise.

January 10 2007

Jewel Staite joins the fun at MySpace. No doubt inspired by Nathan Fillion (and by Whedonesque of course), Ms. Staite has created a public MySpace page to battle the scourge of imposters.

September 28 2006

Jewel Staite returning to Stargate Atlantis? Reports from Serenity Cubed are that Jewel Staite has been offered another role on Stargate Atlantis, different from her first appearence last year. More...

June 24 2006

Jewel Staite announced for TT20 in Toronto. Jewel Staite is the latest guest announcement for TT20 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. More...

November 07 2005

Jewel Staite and Jonathan M. Woodward Attending Belfast Convention. Summer Glau has dropped out of this convention, and Jonathan will be attending instead. More...

September 20 2005

Serenity Premiere in Austin with Summer & Jewel on 9/28! An extremely limited number of tickets go on sale this Friday - but you can guarantee yourself a seat if you buy a badge for Fantastic Fest right now because all badgeholders get to attend the premiere for free! [NOTE: the premiere date has been moved up by one day. More...

August 05 2005

(SPOILER) Interview With Jewel Staite about her upcoming appearance on Stargate: Atlantis. Spoilers for Gatefans may apply. More...

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