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January 28 2015

Joel Grey opens up about his sexuality. Known to Buffy fans as 'Doc', Joel talks to People Magazine about being a gay man. He also mentions the new fans he got from being on the show.

April 19 2014

Trailer for "The Normal Heart," starring Mark Ruffalo. HBO movie, based on the play by Larry Kramer, directed by Ryan Murphy.

February 24 2013

Audio: Joel Grey's Cabaret. Joel looks back on his Oscar-winning role as the Master of Ceremonies in Cabaret. NPR host Rachel Martin can't resist also asking him about the ongoing recognition he receives as a BtVS alum. More...

November 06 2010

Girls are asking Joel Grey to show them his tail because of BtVS. The Paley Center has a very short clip from their interview with Joel Grey in which he is asked about his work on BtVS. More...

November 21 2009

Joel Grey's Anatomy. Anybody catch Doc playing doctor on Grey's Anatomy last Friday? A nice one-shot for the Season 5 villain.

September 11 2009

Joel Grey among the guests of 'An Evening with Gavin Friday and Friends'. Joel Grey (Doc in Forever, The Weight of the World, and The Gift) will be performing alongside Gavin Friday and Friends at Carnegie Hall this Fall. More...

September 19 2006

Joel Grey on House. The incomparable Joel Grey, who played "Doc" in a few episodes of Buffy, was the guest star on tonight's House, and an amazing performance it was. Click on the link for House on the schedule page to see the episode description.

December 14 2005

Alias Season 4 Trading Cards features ME cast autographs. Include autographs from Gina Torres, Robin Sachs and Joel Grey. In related news TVGuide columnist Ausiello column comments on the chances of an Alias spin off, part centered on Amy Acker's character Kelly Peyton. Beware that it contains spoilers for several other shows such as Veronica Mars, Lost or the fate of Bailey Chase's character on Las Vegas.

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