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August 05 2009

When Science Fiction Fans Go Bad. Our favorite evil trio makes the cut for their fan-boy antics.

February 07 2009

Danny Strong, Marti Noxon win Writers Guild Awards. Strong's script for Recount wins for "Long Form - Original" at tonight's WGA Awards, while Noxon won for "Dramatic Series" as part of the writing staff on Mad Men. More...

August 26 2008

Danny Strong is working the DNC for the AP. Fresh from "Recount," Danny Strong is keeping a video diary of the Democratic National Convention for the AP. First up: an interview with Anne Hathaway. Which is, oddly, presented as text. No idea yet what form this video will eventually take; anyone with more knowledge please comment about it.

September 25 2007

Casting Details for Danny Strong's 'Recount'. Kevin Spacey, Laura Dern, Denis Leary, John Hurt, and Bob Balaban star. More...

June 25 2007

Danny Strong singled out by Variety. Variety has named Danny Strong one of 10 screenwriters to watch. :) More...

October 14 2006

Plowing the Untouched Field. Jane Espenson blogs about developing a spec script based on an underdeveloped show character. In her ongoing on-line screenwriting seminar, using Buffy episodes "Superstar" and "Storyteller" as examples, Jane discusses focusing TV scripts on secondary and tertiary characters, centering on their relationship to the main characters. More...

May 14 2006

Surprise surprise guest at the last ever Starfury Angel con. Jonathan Woodward made a surprise appearance at Not Fade Away, the last ever Starfury Angel con, in London on 13 May. More...

November 07 2005

Jewel Staite and Jonathan M. Woodward Attending Belfast Convention. Summer Glau has dropped out of this convention, and Jonathan will be attending instead. More...

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