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April 05 2011

Jonathan Woodward will be a guest presenter on the internet show Those Video Guys. It streams live each Wednesday from 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm UK.

February 10 2011

Jonathan Woodward leads an able cast in A Rude Awakening. The play has been reported on here - found a couple of reviews. More...

February 05 2011

Jonathan Woodward starring in a play at the New End Theatre, London. He is currently starring in the play 'A Rude Awakening' which is playing at the New End Theatre, London until 6th March.

December 28 2010

"Drones" to become available through Comcast On Demand starting Jan 1. So says Ms. Benson's Twitter feed.

January 22 2010

Jonathan Woodward joins Twitter. Our favorite vamp psychiatrist has joined up. As verified by Amber Benson.

May 24 2009

Help Jonathan Woodward raise funds for his Haitian charity trip. Browncoat Events has details on how you donate money for Project Racine and help spread the word as well.

November 18 2008

T1 Convention featuring Summer Glau - April 2009. If you live in dear old Blighty and fancy seeing the likes of Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Amy Acker, Felicia Day, Georges Jeanty, Jonathan Woodward and Clare Kramer then you might be interested in this upcoming Starfury event. More...

September 28 2008 talks "Drones". The Louisiana based magazine has a nice little piece about this movie, directed by Amber Benson and Adam Busch, and starring Jonathan Woodward. More...

January 12 2008

Will Jonathan Woodward "Save the World"? Playbill gives details, including a cast listing... that features Jonathan as Stagger. More...

October 21 2007

Jonathan Woodward and Sonny Rhodes get on the boat. Let the debauchery begin (and let songs be sung about it)! Also, a few spaces are still available on the cruise.

May 17 2007

Are you a fangirl? If so Woodward is looking for you. Jonathan Woodward is showing his support for some friends who are working on a fangirl project... "this project is to represent the flip side of a presumably male-dominated demographic". More...

November 20 2006

Happy birthday to Jonathan M. Woodward. One of the few actors who have guest starred on all three Whedon-verse shows, celebrates his 33rd birthday today.

November 14 2006

(SPOILER) Jonathan Woodward on NCIS tonight. He's guest starring in the episode entitled "Once a Hero".

June 13 2006

Tales from last week's Moonlight Rising. MalNourished has posted her account and photos of last week's Moonlight Rising. More...

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