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May 15 2012

Joss talks about parallels between The Avengers, Buffy, and Astonishing X-Men. The interview was conducted before the film's U.S. release and also touches on the possibility of Joss directing a sequel and his love for Firefly. "You know, I love all my raggedy children. But if I could be anywhere, I'd be on board Serenity."

May 14 2012

Joss and The Avengers cast talk about female action heroes. "Johansson notes, "A lot of the female superhero movies just suck really badly. Whedon nods. "The suck factor is not small.""

May 09 2012

(SPOILER) Joss discusses a major plot point of The Avengers. Whedon discusses why he was compelled to write a pivotal scene in the Avengers film the way it was written. Link is very spoiler-heavy for those who have yet to see Avengers.

April 26 2012

"This is the silliest movie I've ever made" - a Joss Whedon interview. This is the unedited, unpaywalled version of the interview that appeared in the Sunday Times a couple of weeks ago.

April 25 2012

(SPOILER) Watch the full press conference for the Avengers. Super Hero Hype has over 50 minutes of footage from a recent press conference featuring Joss and the cast of The Avengers.
(SPOILER) New issue of Entertainment Weekly features The Avengers on the cover. Link contains brief description of this issue's content and embedded exclusive roundtable interview with Joss and the cast.
Ain't It Cool News interviews Joss on The Avengers. No real spoilers, Joss' desire to do a future big screen musical briefly discussed.

April 23 2012

(SPOILER) Joss details his shooting style and James Cameron's influence on The Avengers. And (thankfully) avoiding Michael Bay's style.

April 13 2012

(SPOILER) Extended Interview with Joss from EW Avengers set report from last June. Remember the EW cover story about The Avengers? Well, this is the whole of the interview they had with Joss, from which they pulled quotes. Very meaty and no real spoilers. And a spoilerish Kevin Feige interview in which he explains that Marvel has an option on Joss for Avengers 2 if and when it comes to it. More...

April 11 2012

(SPOILER) The New York Times interviews Joss about The Avengers and his career. There's an overview of his career to appear in this weekend's Art & Leisure section and a more Avengers-focused Q&A that looks like it's from today's paper.

April 07 2012

(SPOILER) Joss talks to The Sydney Morning Herald about The Avengers. "I felt like I really want to show the idea of being a hero as something more than powers." More...

April 02 2012

(SPOILER) More reports from the set of 'The Avengers'. Now that the press embargo has been lifted, the reports from last summer are starting to appear online. AICN's Quint has an excellent write-up plus there's some new behind the scenes pics. Collider, Slashfilm, IGN, moviefone and SuperHeroHype have some good reports as well with links to individual interviews with Joss and the cast as well.
Celebrating Joss Whedon's birthday on the set of 'The Avengers'. Dan Fienberg's HitFix write-up of a press interview with Joss on the Avengers set. It just happened to take place on his birthday. Includes some cast quotes.

March 29 2012

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon Interview: The Cabin In The Woods, The Avengers, Shakespeare... Contains slight spoilers for Cabin, but worth the read for what JW says about Much Ado about Nothing. More...

March 26 2012

Behind the scenes video from 'The Avengers'. There's some clips of Joss on set and there's prizes to be won. In related coverage, Disney has released some Fun Facts about the shooting of the movie.

March 08 2012

Director Joss Whedon brings unique style to 'Marvel's The Avengers'. Joss talks to The Philippine Star about his work on the film. Collider also has Drew Goddard's thoughts about the flick here. And there's a snippet of a SFX interview where Joss talks about what an Avengers sequel should be like.

March 06 2012

Joss talks to SFX about his approach to The Avengers. The SFX website has an excerpt from a Joss interview in SFX magazine #220.

August 09 2011

How Joss is Feeling. High on Agent Coulson, but not so sleepful. Another Comic Con interview, but all new except for the shirt. More...

January 15 2010

Joss Whedon says "Goodbye" to the Dollhouse. The latest part of Comic Book Resource's interview with Joss. More...

November 15 2008

Vampires and Slayers Joss Interviews. This interview discusses the evolution of Buffy over its seven seasons. Vampires and Slayers is also becoming a print publication, with the first issue featuring an article based on the above audio as well as a similar "evolution-of" article on Angel.

July 14 2008

Wax on, wax off? Wired's Underwire blog posts an email interview with Joss about Dr. Horrible.

August 06 2007

A interview with Joss (via NY Post). I'm putting this under general because it covers everything. Includes in the Firefly/Serenity bit my current favorite idea: Radio.

August 02 2007

Entertainment Weekly interview Joss. Joss expands on his exit from WW, the status of Ripper, the development of Goners and more. EW use the term "Nerd Prom", and don't horridly misquote Joss. All good.

February 08 2007

(SPOILER) Joss' Geek Monthly interview (Part three). Joss explains a bit more about the comics. Gets into what his duties are, who all is on board, and just how long this thing is gonna end up being.

December 17 2005

Joss for a minute: A brief chat with Joss Whedon. Joss chats about Serenity, Buffy, Angel & Wonder Woman. There's also a Serenity DVD review on the same site.

October 01 2005

Joss Whedon interview on BBC Radio 4's The Film Programme - link has full online archive of show (RealPlayer required). He talks about Serenity, and a little more information about Wonder Woman. And, you know, vampire beagles in the Spike movie (I made that bit up).

September 29 2005

(SPOILER) "The Oceans Twelve disease" - Joss on BBC Radio 1. An uninspiring film review of Serenity, followed by an interview with one Mr Josh Staite... I mean Wheldon.. has aired on Radio 1. The archive is online from the BBC website. Without the rest of the show version. And yes, they play "Going Through The Motions" on national radio for no particular reason.

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