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"I told you, it's 'Xander' or 'Sergeant Fury'."
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November 14 2009

FUCKYEAHJOSSVERSE. 'Fuckyeah'-blogs are a subgenre of single-themed blogs that worship at the altar of their chosen subject, in this case: all things Joss. More...

February 06 2009

Jossverse: Forbidden Love from Fox. A new video from the Jossverse, as promised, every Friday. More...

January 23 2009

New Jossverse video from Fox. How to pronounce "Tahmoh".

August 19 2006

The complete Jossverse Worldcon schedule. Off to Anaheim next week? Want to see what's relevant for you? Well here's the schedule (many thanks to deannaB for compiling it).

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