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March 29 2016

Happy Birthday to Juliet Landau! Our vampire seer turns 50 today!!

October 27 2015

"Muzzled the Musical" Season One. Juliet Landau plays the Black Matron in this YouTube musical comedy about singing princesses. More...

September 13 2015

Juliet Landau to screen the trailer for her vampire documentary at 'Son of Monsterpalooza'. Remember Gary Oldman taking a pic of Joss? That was for this documentary. The trailer and the panel will take place at 2pm on the 19th at the horror convention in the Marriot Burbank Hotel in Burbank, CA.

July 31 2014

Free talk with Todd McIntosh, Buffy makeup artist, in Burbank, CA on August 13th. This free talk with Todd in Burbank, CA will revolve exclusively around his work on Buffy in which he will unveil over 100 never before seen, behind the scenes stills from the show. Deverill Weeks, husband of Juliet Landau (Buffy/Angel) will be the interviewer. More...

March 10 2014

Energy Times interview with Juliet Landau. "Healthy living is integral to this actress and producer’s personal life AND craft."

September 01 2013

Grigware interviews James Marsters. Interview with James Marsters talking about The Bells of West 87th and more. More...

July 14 2013

Juliet Landau plays future Romana in Big Finish Audio Series. Landau announced on Twitter that she will become a future incarnation of the Fourth Doctor's Time Lady Assistant in "Gallifrey VI", a new series of audio dramas from Big Finish Productions. Lalla Ward stars as Romana II and Louise Jamison as Leela. Landau will arrive as a future version of Romana. Pre-orders are being accepted More...

March 29 2013

Happy Birthday, Juliet Landau! Declare your well wishes for our favorite, clairvoyant, crazy vampire in the comments.

August 28 2012

James Marsters and Juliet Landau look back on Buffy. This Q&A was held at last weekend's Fan Expo in Toronto. A video of the entire panel can be found here.

June 11 2012

Juliet Landau heads to South Africa to film Field Station Africa. The film is directed by Rudolf Buitendach and co-stars Isaach de Bankhole. More...

April 04 2012

Buffy Season 9 Drusilla mini-series cancelled Bleeding Cool says the Juliet Landau penned spinoff is now off the schedules due to "unavoidable scheduling issues". Update: A statement from Dark Horse can be found here.

March 29 2012

Happy Birthday, Juliet Landau! Wish her well in the comments within or on Twitter.

February 21 2012

Juliet Landau to guest star on Criminal Minds. She will be a guest on the show alongside Robert Englund, who portrayed Freddy Krueger for many years. More...

October 21 2011

Juliet Landau's new play "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" opens tonight. It's being performed at The Crown Theatre in North Hollywood and will run till December 18th. Whedon fans can get half price tickets by calling the box office and mentioning "Whedon fan 1/2 price". There's a Facebook event for the play here.

September 29 2011

Lunch or Dinner for 2 with the 3 Villains of Sunnydale High. "Meet and dine with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Villains Juliet Landau, Armin Shimerman and Harry Groener at a restaurant of their choice. Let them regale you with stories from the set..and answer those questions you've been dying to ask!"

September 03 2011

Juliet Landau talks about her movie and tv career. Looks like she could be writing more Buffyverse comics.

May 12 2011

Juliet Landau is in a staged reading of "A Streetcar Named Desire". It is being held Saturday, June 4 at 8:00pm - June 5 at 8:00pm at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. This is a pay-what-you-can event with ALL proceeds going to "Equality Now".
Book & Wash meet Sulu & Worf. (NSFW) Promo video for animated film "Strange Frame: Love & Sax" features Ron Glass, Alan Tudyk, George Takei, and Michael Dorn, as well as Juliet Landau, Claudia Black, Claudia Christian, and Tim Curry. More...

March 29 2011

Happy Birthday, Juliet Landau! IMDB apparently has the birth year all wrong, making Juliet way older than she actually is. Hopefully, some day, it will get changed.

December 26 2010

Juliet Landau talks about her Gary Oldman documentary. Miss Juliet documents a Gary Oldman directed Music Video.

November 30 2010

"Take Flight" screening on December 12th. Meltdown Comics is hosting a special screening of Juliet Landau's film. More...

September 29 2010

Juliet Landau and Michael Hogan in Thrilling Adventure Hour Oct 2. Juliet Landau and Michael Hogan perform onstage in The Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour in Los Angeles. David Fury isn't listed in this link, but reliable sources report he's participating.

August 09 2010

Juliet Landau as an "Action Hero" Photo Shoot. This YouTube clip shows Juliet Landau as an action hero, and she certainly looks the part. She may have been inspired by role she had years ago on the old USA Network show, Le Femme Nikita.

April 19 2010

Juliet Landau talks with Christian Kane. "Juliet's Gary Oldman Documentary "Take Flight" Promo series continues!! Juliet interviews Christian Kane!! Lindsey, to all you Buffy/Angel fans, Eliot Spencer to all you Leverage fans!"

April 09 2010

Juliet Landau interviews Adam Busch. More in Ms. Landau's "Take Flight" promo interview series about the creative process.

April 07 2010

The Vampire Ball convention in London. There's Julie Benz, Juliet Landau and Christian Kane to name a few from the land of Joss, along with peeps from True Blood and Being Human. End of November.

March 24 2010

Juliet Landau talks with Harry Groener. To promote Take Flight, her documentary exploring Gary Oldman's creative process.

March 18 2010

Juliet Landau interviews David J (of Bauhaus) on video. The latest in Ms. Landau's series of video interviews.

March 15 2010

Juliet Landau interviews Amy Acker. Amy discusses the diversity of working on a show like Angel and more.

March 12 2010

Juliet Landau talks with Dawn Didawick. Juliet interviews Dawn Didawick (for you Buffy fans…the Mayor’s real life wife). In her series of interviews of the creative process of those she admires.

February 26 2010

IFmagazine interviews Juliet Landau. The actress talks about her new Gary Oldman documentary, promo interviews with genre actors and posing for Kat Von D. Then there is another interview over at Buzzy Multimedia Blog.

January 29 2010

Juliet Landau's directorial debut will "Take Flight" on Feb 25th. That is the date it will be available to order on DVD. For information on the documentary visit

October 29 2009

Juliet Landau at Silver Snail Comics. Juliet Landau will be appearing at Silver Snail Comics in Toronto, Ontario Canada on Saturday, November 21 from 7PM - 9PM. More...

September 16 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #25. It's the second part of Dru's adventures in Los Angeles (as penned by Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau). More...

September 12 2009

(SPOILER) First look at Angel #25. The second part of Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau's Drusilla tale comes out next week.

August 18 2009

The Write Environment interview with Juliet Landau. On writing Drusilla for the comic, " I think it was because of having played her, that I was interested in exploring that reservoir."

August 13 2009

Part 2 of Juliet Landau's interview with IF magazine. "Juliet talks about doing voices for the new GREEN LANTERN animated film and the STAR WARS videogame, acting in MONSTER MUTT and her projects as a director."

August 09 2009

Harry Groener at last night's Angel comic book signing. He was there to lend support for Juliet Landau's signing at Golden Apple Comics. Adam Busch and Amber Benson turned up as well. More...

August 05 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #24. Juliet Landau and Brian Lynch's highly anticipated Drusilla two-parter kicks off in this issue.

August 04 2009

IF magazines interview with Juliet Landau Part 1. "It was surprisingly easy to find her voice again. I keep a file of all of my work, so I have all of my scripts." Changed to a different new interview until site is fixed. More...

August 01 2009

Golden Apple Comics in LA to hold an Angel #24 Book Signing with Juliet Landau. The cocktail party and meet'n'greet will happen on Sat Aug 8th from 6-8pm. Juliet will also be doing a panel at the Carnival of Darkness Film Festival on Aug 6th, at the Majestic Crest Theatre.

July 28 2009

Juliet Landau talks "Angel" comics and other projects at SDCC. She also reveals that she will be recording a song based on Spike and Dru.

July 16 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview of Angel #24. This is the first part of the Drusilla story which is penned by Juliet Landau and Brian Lynch.

July 07 2009

Whedonverse actors featured in E! Online's list of Sham Yankees. You can vote on the accents of Dichen Lachman, James Marsters, Alexis Denisof and Juliet Landau.

June 22 2009

New interview with Juliet Landau at Slayerlit. A new interview with Juliet about her role in the Drusilla 2-parter, new writing and the Buffy S8 comic.

June 10 2009

(SPOILER) Page from the Drusilla two-parter comic book. Chris Ryall presents an excerpt from Brian and Juliet's Dru story and informs us where and when IDW will announce the Angel comic franchise's future.

June 09 2009

SFX Vampire Special now on sale. The magazine has exclusive interviews with Juliet Landau and James Marsters. And free Buffy coasters as well! Will they be as awesome as the Buffy Morphers that came free with packets of Sugar Puffs? Only time will tell.

May 20 2009

Juliet Landau in "Green Lantern: First Flight". The actress lends her voice to a "sultry alien" in the new animated movie by WB Green Lantern: First Flight. In this brief interview she also talks about the Drusilla arc she's co-writing with Brian Lynch and other projects.

April 19 2009

Video of Juliet Landau singing at FX Show this weekend. She is with Jason Miller from the Godhead video she did (Hero), they dedicated a song in memory of Andy Hallett. Also some video clips of James Marsters' Q and A from the same event. More...

April 10 2009

Details about next week's FX con in Orlando. Of particular relevance is the "Women of the Whedonverse" panel featuring Julie Benz, Juliet Landau, Jewel Staite, Morena Baccarin and Claire Kramer. Plus there's the James Marsters event "Life After Spike" and Juliet will be screening her new music video. More...

March 30 2009

Happy Birthday Juliet Landau. Our crazed Vampire Fiend, Drusilla turned 37 today!!

March 23 2009

Juliet Landau talks Dru comic. The Comic Book Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer features an interview with Juliet Landau about her writer gig in the upcoming Dru miniseries.

February 26 2009

Juliet Landau - back in Sunnydale. She speaks to about her upcoming Angel comic book story, voicing a character in the Green Lantern animated movie and her short films as well.

February 23 2009

The New Godhead Video, "Hero". It's directed by Juliet Landau. ETA: As a reminder, we had posted some stills from this.

February 06 2009

(SPOILER) IDW announces major news for the Angelverse. A new Spike series by Brian Lynch and a Dru two-parter by Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau! Also more details about Illyria appearing in Fallen Angel.

February 04 2009

Juliet Landau Still Photos. Juliet Co-Directed and appears in Godhead's new video for the song "Hero" (coming soon). These photos show her with the band's lead singer Jason Miller.

September 08 2008

Juliet Landau talks Godhead and Gary Oldman in iF magazine. Very informative article about Juliet's directoral debut and her upcoming 'sophomore' endeavor directing a Godhead music video.

June 05 2008

City of Angel interview with Juliet Landau. It was conducted when she was at Motor City Comic Con last month. There's some nice little tidbits to be had.

May 14 2008

See Juliet Landau's "In Flight" in Detroit this Friday and Saturday. Be the first to see the documentary Juliet did about Gary Oldman. She is screening it at the Motor City con this weekend, where she is introducing the film and then doing a Q & A after the film. And click here to read an interview with her. More...

December 22 2007

Juliet Landau directs Dracula. She talks about directing a short documentary about Gary Oldman and how this FINALLY led to her becoming 'net savvy.

December 08 2007

Juliet Landau has officially joined MySpace. Before the start of ME Day, I ran into her while making my way over to the picket line. We spoke about her new myspace page and she wish people would visit it, instead of the fake one that is on there. [ETA: The account appears to have been deleted] More...

October 19 2007

(SPOILER) Mass Effect Voice Acting Videos Featuring Seth Green. Yet another high profile video game with one of our favorite actors in it! More...

September 06 2007

Recording of the Marsters, Landau, Rohm and Feinberg Q&A from Dragon*Con. A live recording of the Sept 1st panel at Dragon*Con 2007 brought to you by the podcast Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland.

September 03 2007

Pics of the Buffyverse cast at Dragon*Con. If you didn't get to go at the weekend, now's your chance to gaze at some lovely pics of James Marsters, Elisabeth Rohm, Ken Feinberg and Juliet Landau (courtesy of RavenU). More...

September 02 2007

Juliet Landau's official website now open. This weekend Juliet mentioned the launch of her new site, she is selling items on the site to raise money to help fund her own independent projects.

July 09 2007

Juliet Landau added to Dragon*Con guest list. She joins fellow Whedon-alum James Marsters, Mark A. Sheppard and Ron Glass at the event, which takes place Aug 31 - Sept 3 in Atlanta. More...

September 24 2006

Chiller Theatre adds a gentleman and a vamp to their Halloween line-up. Juliet Landau and Camden Toy are appearing at the event in Secaucus, N.J. on Oct 27-29,2006.

September 10 2006

Highlights from the Juliet Landau panel at the Rue Morgue: Festival of Fear. Fun little tidbits abound.

August 02 2006

BE Scared with Andy Hallett and fall under the spell of Juliet Landau at the Bash. Andy is the latest guest to be added to BE Scared in Burbank, CA in Oct. Also, Juliet will be joining Alexis for the Bash in the Bluegrass State in June 2007. Tickets for both events onsale now.Update: Booster now offering GA tickets for Blowout. More...

July 21 2006

Collectormania 10 featuring Adam Baldwin, Amber Benson and Juliet Landau. They (and Supergirl) will be visiting Milton Keynes in September/October this year.

July 13 2006

Warner reveals details for first Justice League Unlimited DVD set. Several episodes features a wide variety of ex-Mutant Enemy shows cast members. Includes 26 episodes from the first 2 Unlimited seasons. On barely related news Warner has also announced details for the release of The OC Season 3 dvd set which featured Morena Baccarin in several episodes and stars Melinda Clarke (Nandi in Firefly). More...

March 26 2006

BE Scared with Juliet Landau and Dennis Christopher. Both will be appearing at the Halloween themed event Oct 13-15, 2006 in Burbank, Ca.

February 04 2006

New Justice League Unlimited episodes bring lots of ME alum voices. Cartoon Network will start airing new episodes in the US in February 11th, 2006.

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January 26 2006

Dru brings some Gentlemen to HauntX. The Horror, Haunt, and Halloween expo in LA, California, Feb. 17-19th. The event has scared up Juliet Landau, Camden Toy, and Doug Jones from the verse, with many others from the horror genre.

November 28 2005

Millennium: Season Three review. "The odd decent episode comes through, including a couple starring Buffy actors: Collateral Damage starring James "Spike" Masters and Forcing the End, a nicely old-fashioned Millennium episode starring Juliet "Drusilla" Landau..."

February 23 2004

Drusilla figure autographed by Juliet and Joss up on Ebay Sorry I didn't get this up sooner...but just found it.

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