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May 20 2009

Green tips from Christian Kane. He's in a video at Mother Nature Network.

November 03 2008

IF Magazine talks to Christian Kane. Lindsay's got "Leverage" - Christian Kane talks about his new series and what else is new in the life of an up-and-coming country superstar.

February 28 2008

Christian Kane's Latest Updates to his "Smoke Signals" Blog. Updated twice in the past week with news that his TNT series "Leverage" has has been picked up. More...

June 27 2007

Christian Kane and Steve Carlson video tour of their Barfly tour in the UK. As a way of saying Thank You to the fans that showed up on their latest tour of England, the boys put together a video of their life on the road during the tour.

September 25 2006

KANE music banner contest & pictures wanted. Christian Kane's band KANE is having a contest where they are asking their fans to make banners for their various websites. More...

March 25 2006

Kane goes acoustic in London and sells out in less than a day. May 15, 2006 at the Troubadour and it was more like they sold out less than 16 hours after the tickets were announced. They are looking into adding another date (May 16th). More...

October 01 2005

Christian Kane's Acoustic Live In London - Available for pre-order now. The CD available at the live shows over the summer is now being released to the public on Oct 14, 2005. This is the recording of the live performance held at a convention in London from last Halloween.

July 08 2005

Christian Kane releases a limited edition Live Acoustic Performance CD. Christian Kane along with Steve Carlson while at a con in London last October put on an acoustic performance. The concert was recorded, and will be available to buy at their live events this year. More...

November 04 2004

Angel's Lindsey rocks London. BBC Cult reviews Christian Kane's musical duo, Kane. Curious to know what they sound like? Then go here to listen to some of their songs.

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