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"Next up, who's gay!"
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April 11 2013

Happy birthday, Nicholas Brendon (and Kelly Donovan)! Today Xander and his twin brother turn 42. More...

June 11 2012

Problem solving: What do Rod Stewart, Jane Austen and Kelly Donovan have in common? I'm sure some of you are going to say, "I knew that!" More...

April 11 2012

Happy Birthday, Nicholas Brendon! 41 Today! Also, Happy Birthday to his twin, Kelly Donovan.

April 12 2009

Happy Birthday Nick and Kelly! It's Nick and his twin brother Kelly's special day again. The boys turn 38 today. Now you can wish them your well wishes at his website.

July 31 2002

Doubletake ...Am I the only BtVS fan who didn't know Nick Brendan's a twin? It's news to me... More...

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