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November 18 2012

Firefly's one-time official blogger selling rare crew jacket. Kelly Wheeler -- she of the official Firefly blog in 2002 and your Blue Sun cola spokesmodel -- is selling one on eBay: "Crew Jacket given to the FIREFLY crew by the wonderful/generous/good-looking Writers/Producers (yes, that means Joss & Tim)."

January 07 2011

Some rare Firefly behind-the-scenes photos. Kelly Wheeler, one-time producer's assistant, show blogger, and Blue Sun girl, has been tweeting some pictures. Here's another. And yet another.

November 03 2010

Blue Sun's spokesmodel co-wrote tonight's Terriers. Kelly Wheeler (also Gareth Davies' assistant on Firefly and Buffy, and Firefly's production blogger) gets her first writing credit on tonight's episode, which airs at 10/9c on FX. More...

October 21 2010

Tim Minear talks to Kelly Wheeler about Terriers. In the latest video to go along with the latest post on the Terriers production blog, Tim talks about what makes (or doesn't make) the show's characters different. Link is directly to the video, not the spoiler-laden blog post.

October 01 2010

Shawn Ryan talks Terriers with Kelly Wheeler. In this entry from the official production blog from early last month. Ryan, of course, worked on Angel. And you might remember Wheeler as the production blogger on FOX's official Firefly site, back in the day.

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