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January 09 2012

(SPOILER) Bianca Lawson joins MTV's "Teen Wolf". Kendra the Vampire Slayer will recur on Teen Wolf for at least four episodes as Ms. Morrell, Beacon Hills high school's guidance counselor.

April 20 2010

'Pretty Little Liars' article and trailer. Bianca Lawson is mentioned in the article and her character shows up in the video.

March 20 2010

Happy Birthday, Bianca! The Slayer turns 31.

January 05 2010

(SPOILER) Kendra and the Vampire (Diaries, that is). Former slayer Bianca Lawson repeats her guest stint on the fangy CW show. More...

November 06 2009

Bianca Lawson joins The Vampire Diaries. She was in it for only a couple seconds of the last minute of the eighth episode. More...

April 21 2008

Top 5: Characters taken out like chumps. Kendra's death in Buffy season 2 comes in at number two on this Zap2it list of characters "who met their ends in an uncharacteristic, unremarkable, and/or lame fashion".

July 12 2007

MWCToys reviews Buffy Deluxe Action Figures, series 3. Chosen Willow, White Witch Willow, Kendra and Kennedy in super-articulated 6" figure form. Michael Crawford's reviews are always detailed and well illustrated with quality photographs. More...

March 28 2007

Mr. Pointy prop replica signed. A Diamond Select Toys exclusive, Mr. Pointy is for sale at DST's store, for only $45 and signed by Bianca Lawson. Limited to only 200.

January 29 2007

Next month celebrate the 10th anniversary of Buffy with Nick Brendon,Juliet Landau and more! They're appearing at the New York Comic Con on the weekend of Feb 23rd-25th.

August 10 2006

Kendra joins the BE BlowOut Line-up Aug 18-20 in Burbank. Bianca Lawson is joining the other whedonverse guests at the BE BlowOut next weekend. Tickets available at the door, starting at $25. Other verse guests include Elisabeth Rohm, Andy Hallett, Matt James, Kelly Donovan, and Mark Sheppard. More...

June 13 2005

Buffy PALz Kendra and Monster Pack 1 Coming Soon! Pictures and description of upcoming exclusive PALz available only at Palisades Direct! More...

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