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March 02 2009

Wonder Woman Animated DVD released today. Our Captain got promoted to Colonel: Nathan Fillion - Col. Steve Trevor (voice). More...

December 13 2007

Waitress DVD rental figures for the first two weeks. It took third place in its first week of release and then fifth place for the second week. And in terms of DVD sales, it came in at number 9 according to The Numbers website. Whoo-hoo!

December 09 2007

Celebrating Women Filmmakers WAITRESS Screening. A Tribute to Filmmaker Adrienne Shelly. More...

December 01 2007

Waitress Borders DVD Exclusive with Pie Recipe Cards. Including Doc's got a great bedside manner Bananer cream pie.And Nathan's favorite Chocolate Mousse Falling in Love pie. More...

September 18 2007

Waitress DVD available for pre-ordering at Amazon. Already #1,506 in DVD Sales Rank.

August 09 2007

Nathan Fillion's movie Waitress opens this Friday in the UK. If you ever meet Nathan Fillion at a convention, don't ya want to be able to say you saw a Romance/Comedy movie because of him and it was great! More...

July 15 2007

Waitress considered Oscar Bait. "Last month, Fox Searchlight began offering passes for academy and industry guild members to see Waitress and Once free in theaters, a privilege studios usually withhold until fall." A profile of the director, the late Adrienne Shelly, can be found in this Observer article (Warning: may induce a mournful sense of unbelievable waste). More...

May 31 2007

Waitress goes Wide -It is Official. The movie is in 605 theaters this Friday (i.e. 6/01/2007). Also it's week 5 of its release AND Waitress still in original 4 theaters--two of them with two screens. A good sign. More...

March 20 2007

"Waitress" to have its West Coast Premiere March 29th. "Waitress" will be the opening night film of the Method Fest film festival in Woodland Hills, CA, on Thursday, March 29th at 7:00 p.m. The website says that Keri Russell will be there in person. More...

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