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August 02 2010

Fox's Kevin Reilly comments on Dollhouse at the TCA press tour. When asked about the show, the network's Entertainment President said "Well, Joss does his own thing anyway and by Season Two, there was an understanding, we're going to do the show and see what happens".

August 06 2009

Fox's Kevin Reilly and Peter Rice talk Dollhouse at the TCA Press Tour. Kevin Reilly, Fox's Entertainment President, said "Joss is an incredible creator of TV shows and the show got better and better as the season went on". Peter Rice, Fox's Chairman, added "In the second half, he really found the show and started having fun with it... It's going to be much smoother sailing this year". iFMagazine indirectly quotes Reilly as saying the first season's numbers would "give him confidence to order the back nine [of season 2] and perhaps even a third season".

March 13 2009

What do executive changes mean at FOX mean for Dollhouse and Kevin Reilly? TV By The Numbers says "As for Dollhouse, I seriously doubt it means anything at all." More...

March 05 2009

Too early to rule out "Dollhouse". The Hollywood Reporter interviews Fox President Kevin Reilly on this and the next television season and the future of "Dollhouse" is brought up.

January 14 2009

Video interview with Fox's Kevin Reilly at TCA. Mediaweek has a video interview with Kevin Reilly from TCA where he talks about putting Dollhouse on Friday saying "we've put a lot of money into this Friday night between Sarah Connor and Dollhouse... so if for no other reason than that we're committed to it."

January 13 2009

Fox's Kevin Reilly comments on Dollhouse's timeslot. The network's entertainment president says "We're going to let the show play out for 13 episodes ... if we can do some business there it will be a great thing for the future." More positive comments over at SCI FI Wire. More...

December 19 2008

Hopefully the Joss loyalists will show up. The LA Times speaks with "Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Liguori and Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly about the challenges of the months ahead" regarding the network's programming, including Dollhouse.

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