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May 21 2016

First CSTS event of the 2016 season goes to the Utah Browncoats on Saturday. Salt Lake City event with Serenity, raffle, costume contest, and live and silent auctions. More...

October 09 2015

CSTS events in Fort Douglas UT, Jenkintown PA and Paris this weekend. Loni Peristere will be at the Utah event. More...

August 15 2015

A Can't Stop the Serenity Debut this Saturday in Fairfax, VA. Congratulations Fairfax. More...

July 18 2015

CSTS events in Albuquerque, Beeston UK, Miami Springs and Raleigh this weekend. Serenity, Dr. Horrible and Big Hero Six. More...

September 20 2014

CSTS events this weekend. There's events in in Duluth MN, Halifax Canada, Orange County CA, Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ, Platteville WI and Sandy UT. Includes some first timers! Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Hero of Canton sing-along, a bonfire and staged combat. More...

July 27 2014

CSTS Serenity Screening in Raleigh, North Carolina today. Sold out 5th year running. More...

July 18 2014

CSTS Event in Halifax Nova Scotia, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington DC this weekend. Small ensemble from the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra. Shiny. More...

December 18 2013

'Firefly in the Darkness' - a book for children. This a tale of a firefly in a valley. The fan project is run by the Browncoats of Poland and the book can be downloaded for free in English or Polish. There's a printed hardcover version as well (proceeds from that go to Kids Need To Read). Check out the YouTube video for more info.

August 16 2013

Can't Stop the Serenity charity events in Dallas/Fort Worth, Fort Lauderdale, Halifax and Tucson this weekend. Very shiny events including Serenity, Dr. Horrible, The Guild, evil laugh contest, costume contests, photo booth, live music and even Soutwestern Art Deco. More...

July 26 2013

Can't Stop the Serenity charity events in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Raleigh this weekend. Raleigh is sold out. Halifax has The Guild at a Museum. More...

July 08 2011

CSTS event tonight in Pittsburgh. It includes games such as Simon's Operation Challenge. On Saturday, there's Serenity, Dr. Horrible and Browncoats: Redemption screenings in Madison, WI. And on Sunday San Antonio, TX has Serenity, Dr. Horrible and The Guild. More...

February 16 2011

Wish Nathan a happy birthday with a scrapbook page & KNTR donation! Do something unique for our favorite Cappy in anticipation of his birthday in March.

October 01 2010

Still time to Win big by joining CSTS Broadwaves. "Register to win $100 and a Kids Need to Read donation of $1000 worth of books in the winnerís name to a deserving school library or qualified charity organization, like a local chapter of a Boys and Girls Club. "

August 06 2010

CSTS charity events this weekend in Pittsburgh and Scottsville, KY. Pittsburgh's Serenity screening is Friday and Whedonites United are having a 3-day Whedonfest in Kentucky (across the border from Tennessee) . More...

May 07 2010

Bookfair for Nathan Fillion's charity Kids Need To Read. Last B&N bookfair raised nearly $2,000. Make a purchase May 7-12 at Barnes & Noble Bookstores and Online. More...

November 07 2009

CSTS Global Charity Donation Tally has just hit a new record $116,936.18. Whoo-hoo! And still climbing. More...

April 14 2009

Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk to appear at 'Kids Need to Read' April 18th Fundraiser. Both Nathan and Alan will be helping to raise money for KNTR this Saturday at Barnes & Noble in Oceanside, California. Even if you can't attend in person, you can still help raise money by using this special coupon at B&N near you during the following week.

April 06 2009

Felicia Day tweeting for Nathan Fillion's charity "Kids Need to Read". Auctioning a signed photo of all The Guild cast.

October 19 2008

The Kids Need to Read Browncoat Endowment. "A percentage of all money raised for Kids Need to Read by any Browncoat group in the future will be added to the endowment so that it will grow and benefit childrenís literacy in perpetuity." More...

August 28 2008

Exclusive Serenity Comic Heading to DragonCon. Only 300 of these variant covers will be available at Dragon Con so anyone who wants to get one is advised to buy it quickly. More...

June 07 2008

California Browncoats announce Serenity Better Days #1 Exclusive Variant. Dark Horse produces San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive to benefit Kids Need to Read. More...

May 06 2008

Mal's dog tag signed by Nathan Fillion up for auction. Proceeds from this auction will go to benefit Kids Need To Read.

March 10 2008

Nathan Fillion Signed Serenity: Better Days Comics for Charity! Nathan only signed 250 of them. $25.00 SOLD OUT! Help promote literacy! More...

March 05 2008

Bid for a Serenity DVD signed by Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. All proceeds go to the Kids Need To Read charity project and the auction ends on March 7th. So if you really want to own it, you better get your skates on.

December 23 2007

Nathan Fillion to appear at Phoenix Cactus Comicon. He'll be there January 26-27 with his friend PJ Haarsma in support of their children's literacy project, Kids Need to Read.

October 22 2007

Bid for a Serenity party invitation signed by Nathan Fillion. This auction will benefit the Kids Need To Read project.

August 22 2007

Sense and Serenity - Nathan Fillion finds a new love! Martin Firrell's part in introducing the two new lovebirds is included, as well as reaction from Joss Whedon and James Gunn! More...

August 17 2007

Nathan Fillion interviews PJ Haarsma for IGN. The oft-interviewed actor turns the tables and interviews PJ Haarsma, sci-fi writer, friend, and Halo adversary about PJ's book, The Softwire, and their literacy project, Kids Need to Read.

August 06 2007

Nathan Fillion Signed Book - Kids Need to Read Project ... led by sci-fi author PJ Haarsma and supported by Nathan Fillion ... More...

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