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May 22 2007

Nick Brendon's Kitchen Confidential DVD now available for $19.99. Now you can get your copy of the series.

March 06 2007

"Kitchen Confidential" DVD to be Widescreen. According to TVShowsOnDVD, Fox have confirmed that their original press release was wrong. More...

February 08 2007

Nick Brendon's 'Kitchen Confidential' finally to be released on DVD. The release date is May 22, and it looks like the only special features will be some interviews and a trailer.

May 15 2006

Nick Brendon's 'Kitchen Confidential' to air in June in the UK. And the good news is that the Paramount Channel will be showing the nine unaired US episodes. (There's also spoilers for next Saturday's BBC episode of Doctor Who on this page btw). More...

January 07 2006

The results of E! Online's 2006 Save One Show Poll. Various shows, which have Buffyverse alums starring in them, make the list.

December 09 2005

Official: 'Kitchen Confidential' closed. Nick Brendon's comedy bites the dust as Fox says the show "has had its final air date."

November 10 2005

Arrested no, Prison yes. Fox is pulling Kitchen Confidential and Arrested Development from sweeps. Fox is advising producers the show probably won't be picked up for the whole season.

November 05 2005

Fox order three more scripts for 'Kitchen Confidential'. Though there's still no final word on the fate of Nick Brendon's sitcom.

October 28 2005

Fox reveal details for their shows in November. ME cast and crew related shows include: That 70's Show, The OC, Prison Break, Bones, Reunion and Kitchen Confidential. The link contain brief details for several episodes, it might be too spoilery for some people. More...

October 19 2005

HIMYM ratings and the status of all new shows. How is Alyson's show doing this week? It is already picked up for the full season, but what about "Bones", "Kitchen Confidential", "Close to Home", "Freddie" and the others?

October 11 2005

Kristin says Kitchen Confidential is not cancelled. "It is still in production, so tune in." More...

October 10 2005

Kitchen Confidential Closed? Dark Horizons website reports on picked up shows and those axed. Nicholas Brendon's "Kitchen Confidential" has apparently been axed."Bones" continuing its success as well as Hannigan's "How I Met..."

September 20 2005

"Willow" Vs. "Xander" - Round One. Aly's new show had a good start and was watched by more than the double of people who watched Nick's. More...

September 14 2005

Nick Brendon updated his Audioblog again! And check out the adorable Kitchen Confidential icons and postcards Tara created to help fans spread the word about the September 19 series premiere.

September 07 2005

Out Of The Frying Pan - A Look At Kitchen Confidential. There's some quotes from Nick Brendon about his new show which is getting a lot of buzz and early praise from TV critics.

September 04 2005

ME alums new shows listed among EW's Top 10 Must-see list. Magazine lists "Prison Break", "Reunion" , "How I Met Your Mother" and "Kitchen Confidential" among fall's most promising new series. More...

August 26 2005

"Kitchen Confidential" Site Has Been Launched! FOX launched the official "KC" web site. More...

August 24 2005

Backstage interview with Nicholas Brendon and Bradley Cooper. The article mentions their new sitcom, their Emma Caulfield connection and also NB's thoughts on Xander post-Season 4.

July 29 2005

Media Week Weighs In On New Shows. Marc Berman takes a look at Bones and Kitchen Confidential. Meanwhile, TV Guide's Ausiello reports on Bones, and also notes that Nick was acting a little strange during the Kitchen Confidential panel. More...

July 12 2005

Extended "Kitchen Confidential" Preview. Nick's official site has posted the extended preview of "KC"!

May 19 2005

Fox's 2005 schedule has Whedon Alums. Nick Brendon's Kitchen Confidential will be on Mondays at 8:30 after Arrested Development. David Boreanaz's Bones will be on Tuesdays at 8 before House. And Alexa Davalos's Reunion is on Thursdays at 9.

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