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November 28 2014

Summer Glau's 'Knights of Badassdom' coming to Netflix. It will be available December 1st.

February 07 2014

(SPOILER) Knights of Badassdom is a sweet, gory tale of geek social life. io9's Annalee Newitz gives an in-depth analysis of what to expect from the long-awaited LARPing musical horror comedy. More...

January 13 2014

Watch an Exclusive Clip from 'Knights of Badassdom'. The film - which stars Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage and Summer Glau as LARPers in it over their heads - is set for a limited theatrical release on January 21st before going to VOD and Digital on february 11th. There is also an on-going text-based adventure prequel to the film going on here. In vaguely related news Maxim Magazine is curious about whom you would like to see featured on an upcoming magazine cover.

December 13 2013

Summer Glau's Knights of Badassdom movie finally gets a release date. According to Dread Central, it will be out on limited release on January 21st and then available On Demand and Digitally on February 11th. This will be the producer's cut and not the director's cut.

July 25 2013

Distributor picks up Knights of Badassdom, but which version? The longish-lost film featuring Summer Glau has been picked up in North America by eOne, but unanswered is which version we will be seeing, as earlier this year it was revealed that the film was taken away from the director.

March 04 2013

Buyers beware - that's a butchered version of Knights Of Badassdom you're being offered. For all those wondering whatever became of this Dinklage/Glau/Zahn/Kwanten badass-spectacular: a little info.

July 15 2011

'Knights of Badassdom' first look. EW gives a First Look at the film about LARPing gone awry.

July 05 2011

Knights of Badassdom (w/ Summer Glau) at Comic-Con. Film trailer and panel discussion in Hall H on Saturday, July 23. In the film, LARPers accidentally summon a real succubus.

January 25 2011

Summer Glau visits Attack of the Show. Topics include The Cape as well as her upcoming film the Knights of Badassdom (and what it's like going to LARP-ing school.)

January 13 2011

11 Horror Movies To Watch Out For In 2011. According to Includes Cabin in the Woods as well as Summer Glau's Knights of Badassdom.

September 08 2010

5 Reasons To Be Excited About Knights of Badassdom. Props to reason #4 - although #1-3 and #5 aren't half bad either.

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