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May 13 2016

An interview with Buffy's Kristine Sutherland. There's some nice insights into Joyce's relationship with Buffy.

March 25 2012

So what's Buffy's mom really like? Great article about Kristine Sutherland from the writer/producer of her new movie "The Perfect Wedding".

January 02 2011

Parental Guidance - Kristine Sutherland talks Buffy. A previously unseen interview from back in the day.

April 07 2008

Kristine Sutherland on New Amsterdam. The lovely and talented Kristine Sutherland appears as Didi Gleason in Episode 1.7 "Reclassified." Click the link title to watch the episode. More...

May 01 2006

Buffy's mom appears at Chiller Theatre Jun 2-4. Kristine Sutherland (Joyce/Buffy) and Tamara Gorski (Rebecca/Angel) will be at the expo in Secaucus, New Jersey. Nathan's co-star in 'Slither' Michael Rooker will also be there.

October 20 2005

Buffy's Mom and the Master send chills through New Jersey this halloween. Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers) and Mark Metcalf (the Master) will be in attendance at the Chiller Theatre Expo Oct 28-30th. Tickets available at the door.

October 04 2004

Kristine Sutherland Interview Part Two. where you can find out which were Kristine's favourite scenes to film, and most importantly, her favourite flavour of Gummibears. And this time you don't need PDF as Slayerverse have kindly written it out!

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