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September 10 2012

Watch full episode preview of Dichen Lachman's Last Resort before it airs. Watch the full pilot episode of Last Resort on Yahoo TV (without commercials!) before it premieres 9/27. Warning: video starts playing automatically. Also, it's in full screen format, not widescreen.
Dichen Lachman considered one of Hitfix's 15 Fall breakout stars. One of the Actives from Dollhouse will be part of ABC's new drama Last Resort that's coming in two weeks. She'll play a bar owner at a remote island where a crippled US nuclear submarine will land after it's attacked by its own country.

May 11 2012

ABC picks up Shawn Ryan/Dichen Lachman thriller Last Resort. The drama series follows the crew of a submarine that takes to an island and declares themselves a nuclear state. More...

September 10 2011

Shawn Ryan lands a pilot at ABC. "Last Resort" is a thriller set in the near future. Also, there's now a petition up to get Shawn's short-lived Terriers on DVD.

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