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January 29 2010

When Forrest met Caleb. Leonard Roberts will guest star in a two-part episode of "Castle" to be aired in consecutive dates on March 21st and 22nd.

February 07 2009

(SPOILER) Emma Caulfield and Leonard Roberts will guest star in February 19th episode of "Private Practice". They join the extensive list of Whedon alum who've guested in the ABC show this season. Description contain spoilers about the show.

February 17 2008

Leonard Roberts to appear on London's West End. Buffy's Forrest Gates will be starring in "The Viewing Room" from March 4th to March 29nd at the Arts Theatre.

November 22 2006

Leonard Roberts is a Hero taking the initative towards redemption. Well actually it's to support Greg Grunberg's Pediatric Epilepsy Project. The cast of the show Heroes, each created a drawing of their character to be auctioned off to raise funds and awareness. They were also asked "What inspired the drawing." More...

October 31 2006

(SPOILER) CBS and NBC releases information for their November Sweeps episodes. Main link takes you to the CBS line up, which include details for upcoming episodes from Alyson Hannigan's "How I Met Your Mother" and David Krummholtz's "Numb3rs". Click Here for NBC's line up, which includes details for upcoming episodes from Leonard Robert's "Heroes" and Carlos Jacott's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". More...

June 14 2006

(SPOILER) The Futon Critic review new seasons pilots. They will review the pilot of every new show for 2006-2007 Season. Gina Torres' "Standoff", Leonard Roberts' "Heroes" and Carlos Jacott's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" have all been reviewed. More...

May 16 2006

NBC Fall Schedule announcements. David Greenwalt's show "Kidnapped" gets a pickup (he's an EP), as does "Heroes", featuring Leonard Roberts (Riley's buddy Forrest) among others. More...

March 08 2006

Forrest (Leonard Roberts) becomes a "Hero". Buffy guest star gets a pilot. More...

September 21 2005

Leonard Roberts to guest on Smallville. He played Riley's right-hand man "Forrest Gates" in the fourth season of Buffy.

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