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March 19 2013

15 cancelled shows to bring back. TV lists 15 shows that should be brought back, including a half-dozen Whedon-related ones. More...

December 21 2012

'Leverage' gets cancelled after 5 seasons. Bad news for Christian Kane fans.

December 20 2011

Emma Caulfield guest stars on TNT's 'Leverage'. 'The Lonely Hearts Job' airs December 25th on TNT. More...

August 12 2011

TNT renews Christian Kane's "Leverage" for a fifth season. It got a 15 episode order.

July 13 2011

Emma Caulfield Guest Starring on TNT's Leverage! She will be in an upcoming episode of the show airing this winter.

December 07 2010

Christian Kane talks New Album and Season Finale of Leverage. Interview with USA Weekend. More...

July 17 2010

Christian Kane Shows his Musical Side on "Leverage". The actor talks Eliot, music and why Sunday night's episode (9/8c on TNT) is close to his heart.

May 26 2010

Leverage - The Fighting fun with Christian Kane. A video about the fighting scenes on Leverage and the fact that season 3 will deliver more kick butt fight scenes with Christian Kane.

February 23 2010

Early details for Leverage Season 2 DVDs slated for May 25th release. Starring Christian Kane and also features Mark Sheppard in a recurring role. The show has already been renewed for a 3rd season on TNT.

January 12 2010

(SPOILER) Christian Kane's 'Leverage' returns tomorrow night on TNT. The link takes you to an IFmagazine recap of the first half of season two.

November 01 2009

Christian Kane's Leverage to air in the UK. Executive producer Dean Devlin tweets that Leverage has been picked up by Virgin 1 in the UK and will air on the Freeview channel soon. More...

August 27 2009

Christian Kane's 'Leverage' picked up for a third season. The hit TNT series will return for another round of cons and heists. More...

May 20 2009

Green tips from Christian Kane. He's in a video at Mother Nature Network.
Christian Kane's band will be performing at Dante's in Portland. Sunday June 7, 2009 at 9 PM. More...

April 30 2009

TNT set return dates for J. August Richards and Christian Kane shows. Raising the Bar return on June 8th at 10pm and Leverage returns July 15th at 9pm.

April 22 2009

Christian Kane and company back to work on Leverage. They are keeping fans in the loop on twitter and blogs without being too spoilery. They start airing in June on TNT and the 1st season DVD is slated for a July release. More...

March 10 2009

An SFX Magazine interview with Mark Sheppard. Dollhouse, Firefly, The Middleman and Leverage all get discussed in this fab interview. And you'll find who originally wanted to play Badger (hint - his first name begins with the letter 'J' and ends in the letter 'S'.)

February 17 2009

(SPOILER) 10 Minutes and 10 Questions with Christian Kane. Christian answers questions about his "Leverage" character Eliot Spencer and how the show’s gone for him. There's also an “Angel” question and a brief mention on the status of his music career. And if you haven't seen the show, TNT will be doing a season marathon on the 24th of this month. More...

February 10 2009

Armin Shimerman on Leverage tonight in a "Star Trek" reunion special.

February 02 2009

Leverage renewed for second season. TNT has ordered 15 new episodes of the popular, high-octane series, which stars Oscar winner Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge, and features Mark Sheppard in a recurring role.

January 27 2009

Christian Kane leverages his top 5. This week's list ... villains. "And now Tuesday Night also means the Kane's Top 5! Christian is weighing in on his Top 5 Favorites (as requested by you). Then tell Christian what you want to know about his favorites." More...

January 06 2009

(SPOILER) Anatomy of a fight scene (with Christian Kane). Video footage of Christian and a guest star rehearsing a fight scene for TNT's "Leverage". Additionally, Gina Bellman updated her TV guide blog for tonight's episode, entitled The Stork Job, in which Mark Sheppard again appears as Jim Sterling. More...

December 31 2008

What would Christian Kane steal? "Name five things in Hollywood you'd like to steal. That's the assignment we gave Christian Kane (Angel) and Gina Bellman (the British Coupling), costars of TNT's new caper series, Leverage."

December 15 2008

Mark Sheppard begins his recurring role on Leverage. Mark will be appearing in at least 5 episodes of the series Leverage (which stars Christain Kane) this season, including the season finale. Starting this Tuesday at 10pm ET on TNT.

December 05 2008

(SPOILER) Christian Kane interview with Pegasus news about Leverage. Lengthy interview about the new series, which premieres on TNT Sunday, December 7th at 10/9c. More...

November 30 2008

(SPOILER) The TV Legion reviews Christian Kane's new series 'Leverage'. The review includes promo shots of the ensemble cast, video clips and a brief synopsis of the first couple of episodes.

November 21 2008

Part 2 of iF Magazine Interview with Christian Kane. Chris talks about his new deal with Columbia Records, balancing his musical career with acting, his new series "Leverage" and how to get into his underwear (it's not what you think!;-).

October 06 2008

(SPOILER) Warren Ellis reviews Leverage. Comic scribe Warren Ellis reviews the pilot of Christian Kane's new TNT series. More...

September 24 2008

Leverage's Eliot Spencer aka Christian Kane video profile. "Meet Eliot Spencer. He's a mercenary by trade, but he's not a violent guy." Leverage is the upcoming TNT series due to start airing Dec. 7th. More...

June 20 2008

(SPOILER) First Promo for Leverage. Christian Kane's new show on TNT. More...
Christian Kane's Podcast Interview avaliable for download. Yesterday's WFRE-FM interview includes live versions of the songs "Happy Man" and "Drinking to Drink". Additionally, the single "More Than I Deserve" (coming out soon) is also played. More...

March 19 2008

Christian Kane's Smoke Signal from Starstruck Studios. Instead of his blog, Christian filmed a video this week. In addition to thanking fans, he talks about various things including his upcoming single and his new TNT series. More...

February 28 2008

Christian Kane's Latest Updates to his "Smoke Signals" Blog. Updated twice in the past week with news that his TNT series "Leverage" has has been picked up. More...

February 13 2008

Christian Kane's 'Leverage' greenlit by TNT. The show is slated to appear this year.

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