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November 23 2010

Emma Caulfield's Lifetime Movie, "In Her Mother's Footsteps" available for limited time on Hulu. This movie originally aired in 2006 and is available for a couple more days on hHlu (sorry all non-American readers). More...

September 28 2009

Lifetime greenlights 'Deadly Honeymoon'. Summer Glau to star in a Lifetime movie inspired by a true story.

October 01 2008

Sean Maher cast in new Lifetime project. The new show is called "Drop Dead Diva".

September 04 2006

TV Guide interview with Elisabeth Rohm about her new movie Amber's Story. She mentions David Boreanaz and her time on Angel, and mentions that she is friends with him to this day. Its a very interesting interview, especially considering what she says about Bones. More...

August 28 2006

Julie Benz in a "Circle of Friends". Also starring Chris Kramer. Airs tonight at 9 on the Lifetime Network. More...

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