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April 27 2008

Anthony Stewart Head featured in "The Scotsman". ASH's upcoming role in "The Invisibles", as well as a discussion of his work on Buffy, Little Britain, and Monarch of the Glen.

July 16 2007

A conversation with Anthony Stewart Head. A fantastic post Buffy interview. Highlights include Tony's comments on the Giles action figure,the steps in the Sunnydale High School library and the new Buffy season 8 comic books.

December 23 2006

The alternative PM: Anthony Head. The Times raises a glass to Britain's national treasures and counts Tony Head among them. More...

May 27 2006

Zap2it Reviews "Little Britain" Season 2 Set. The British comedy starring Anthony Stewart Head goes to DVD. Extras include commentaries, a making-of special, and deleted scenes.

November 17 2005

Oh Myfanwy! I'm the only gay in the village you see! ASH returns alongside David Walliams and Matt Lucas tonight in "Little Britain", which kicks off at 9pm on BBC1. However Little Britain night begins in just 3 minutes, you can hear Tom Baker narrate between the shows. Yeh but, no but, I didnt even do nuffin so stop giving me eevils! More...

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