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"Do you want to be punished?"
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June 27 2009

New Whedonverse Interactive Mega-Community on LiveJournal. If you've got a live journal account, and you're a fan of Whedon (which you clearly are), you should head here. Members get put on different teams based on the TV shows and compete for points by participating in different fandom tasks. If they ask, tell 'em illyriaz_shell sent you.

October 10 2006

Dear Joss - an open letter to Joss Whedon. A new LiveJournal community for people to write about how Joss has affected their lives. It's an interesting concept and worth coming back to now and then. They must be on to something as it's already been parodied in the form of Dear Hoss.

August 23 2006

Joss Whedon Poll on LiveJournal. "The Daily Director" LiveJournal community - which polls opinions on directors every day - looks at Joss' work in features. More...

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