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May 19 2013

Don Draper is Angel from Buffy, but without the danger. As part of Slate's "TV Club," discussing last week's episode of Mad Men, writer Paul Ford parallels Don Draper with Angel as the "handsome brute with awful secrets." More...

April 22 2013

Christina Hendricks on April 22nd episode of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart". She's there promoting the new season of Mad Men.

June 14 2012

Vincent Kartheiser talks punchability of his face. Plus some Mad Men talk. No Whedon content.

May 30 2012

(SPOILER) GQ interviews Christina Hendricks about her recent poignant Mad Men episode. She shares her thoughts about the episode and her work in the series. (Link contains spoilers about last Sunday's episode)

March 16 2011

Wait, I've Seen that Redhead Somewhere. Some sharp-eyed person at the Huffington Post recognized "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks in a guest-starring role in a little-known, single season, "sci-fi cult classic". What was that show again?

December 29 2010

"You know what my favourite show is?" "It's about a handsome anti-hero, a man with a Scottish name and a nickname that means something significant in Latin. He's a war veteran who's spending his days in a less noble line of work..."

August 31 2010

Our Mrs. Reynolds makes the cover of Rolling Stone. Christina Hendricks is vamping it up on the latest cover of Rolling Stone with her fellow Mad Man castmates. And now that darn song is stuck in my head. More...

August 30 2010

Another Whedon actor gets mad. Danny Strong makes the third Whedon actor to appear on Mad Men, as adman wannabe Danny Siegel. How is Andrew going to react to seeing Jonathan with Don Draper?

July 26 2010

(SPOILER) John Slattery & Kevin Pollak praise Vincent Kartheiser. An hour and eighteen minutes into Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, the two discuss Vincent's chameleon work on Mad Men and his true nature as a sweet, silly, lovable person. More...

July 09 2010

Christina Hendricks On Her Well Deserved Emmy Nomination. Alan Sepinwall on his HitFix blog has word from our very own Yosaffbridge on accordions, chemistry, why she didn't expect a nomination this year of all years and more.

December 17 2009

TV critics have their own Dollhouse lunch. A conversation between Mo Ryan, Alan Sepinwall, James Poniewozik about TV, where they talk mostly about Mad Men and Dollhouse. Contains somewhat spoilery discussion of season three of Mad Men. More...

October 26 2009

(SPOILER) Mad Men's Christina Hendricks on Joan's Big Moment. Brief Q and A with the lovely former YoSaffBridge.

October 23 2009

(SPOILER) The Fascinating No-Consent Fantasia of Dollhouse and Mad Men. New York Magazine's Emily Nussbaum compares the depictions of sexual power in Dollhouse and Mad Men's recent episodes.

September 04 2009

Vanity Fair interviews Vincent Kartheiser. He talks a bit about his career, but mostly about his role as Pete Campbell on Mad Men.

June 01 2009

(SPOILER) Vincent Kartheiser & Christina Hendricks Mad Men Season 3 Promo. AMC-TV has provided a new promo for Mad Men Season 3 to return in August of this year.

March 12 2009

In beautiful people's Christina Hendricks! I searched Whedonesque to see if this had been posted's Christina Hendricks at the "A Night on the Town with Mad Men" musical revue in Las Vegas in Late January and was posted online at this shameless gossip site in early February. More...

February 03 2009

All the rage: The Guardian interviews Vincent Kartheiser. Doesn't mention the Whedonverse, but a darn good Mad Men interview.

September 14 2008

Mad Men T-Shirt featuring Christina Hendricks silhouette at Glarkware available for 1-month only. More...

September 03 2008

Christina Hendricks on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Right now - for those of us in the Pacific Time Zone.

July 26 2008

Vincent Kartheiser singled out in's Critics' picks. "[He] does a great job with Campbell's sometimes awkward, sometimes smooth, sometimes downright pathetic antics".

July 25 2008

Marti Noxon to write for Mad Men. Buried in this article about the women of "Mad Men" is the news that BtVS Exec Producer Marti Noxon is a Consulting Producer and will write for the show this season. More...

July 17 2008

Neil Patrick Harris and Danny Strong nominated for Emmys. They got nominated in the 'Supporting Actor In A Comedy' and 'Writing For A Minseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special' categories. More...

July 16 2008

Mad Men: Season One favorably reviewed at AV Club. This excellent series garners a solid 'A' rating and generates a spirited talk back from the readers.

May 30 2008

Christina Hendricks on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. This is for their Summer TV Preview issue, as Mad Men is slated to return on July 27th at AMC. More...

April 28 2008

Award for Vincent Kartheiser. Angel's Vincent Kartheiser received the Young Hollywood Award last night. More...

January 29 2008

Slightly more info on Buffy Reunion event. AICN reports that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion portion of this year's Paleyfest (previously discussed here) will be March 20 (with the Chuck event on March 18, and the Mad Men event on March 27). Also mentions the plan for ticket prices and availability. More...

January 26 2008

Mad Men Writers Back in Business. Lionsgate and the WGA have reached an interim deal which allows the writers for AMC's "Mad Men" and Showtime's "Weeds" to go back to work. More...

January 13 2008

Mad Men wins the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series. Woohoo! Congrats to (Whedon alumni) Vincent Kartheiser and Christina Hendricks.

December 20 2007

Ensemble casts of "3:10 to Yuma," "Mad Men" and "Desperate Housewives" nominated for Screen Actors Guild awards. Mutant Enemy actors Alan Tudyk ("3:10 to Yuma"), Vincent Kartheiser and Christina Hendricks ("Mad Men") and Nathan Fillion ("Desperate Housewives") are part of the ensemble casts nominated in the film and television categories of the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Congratulations! More...

October 11 2007

Christina Hendricks talks about her work in Mad Men and Life. She's a regular in Mad Men, which will be concluding the current season in the upcoming weeks and has a recurring role in the NBC show.

September 19 2007

Vincent Kartheiser's "Mad Men" Renewed. Variety reports that Mad Men has been renewed. Michael Ausiello says so too.

September 04 2007

The Man in the Light Gray Flannel Suit. Vincent Kartheiser speaks about "Mad Men" as well as his experience on "Angel" (page 2).

August 16 2007

Vincent Kartheiser talks about his new show 'Mad Men'. At the end of the interview, he mentions what he took away from working on Angel.

July 27 2007

Matt Roush discusses Mad Men. The new show featuring Vincent Kartheiser and Christina Hendricks gets some very positive comments in this week's Ask Matt. Joss gets a mention too.

July 22 2007

More love for 'Mad Men,' this time from Salon's TV critic Heather Havrilesky. Vincent Kartheiser and Christina Hendricks have scored big with AMC's Mad Men. This is a particularly glowing review of the first four episodes.

July 21 2007

'Mad Men' premiere does ridiculously well in the ratings. According to the Hollwood Reporter, "...the rating means that Mad Men's premiere is AMC's highest-rated original series telecast ever." More...

July 17 2007

Free "Mad Men" behind-the-scenes video at iTunes. iTunes is offering a free 23 minute behind the scenes look at the upcoming AMC show "Mad Men" featuring our own Christina Hendricks and Vincent Kartheiser. The show premieres July 19 at 10 pm. (Link requires iTunes) More...

August 14 2006

Whedon alumni in AMC period series "Mad Men" , a series set in an ad agency in the 1960's will feature Christina (Firefly) Hendricks and Vincent (Angel) Kartheiser.

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