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"We can't die, Bendis. You know why? Because we are so...very...pretty."
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November 03 2012

Eyes on The Avengers. Too late for Halloween, but makeup artist Karita Brun mines The Avengers and other pop culture favorites for the inspiration behind some amazing peepers. More...

October 29 2006

BtVS special effects makeup artist offers tips to ratchet up the ew this Halloween. Accompanying photo and some of the article are a bit graphic & gross, but if you're looking for that special recipe to gore up it up next week, Kelman's your man.

March 23 2005

Horror Makeup: BtVS and AtS. On this comprehensive, fun-to-explore site featuring before-and-after shots of female actors in character and prosthetic makeup, BtVS and AtS each have their own sections, with sub-categories. More...

February 28 2004

Todd McIntosh, special effects makeup artist. Official homepage.

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