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July 21 2015

Malcolm Reynolds is one of Empire's '100 Greatest Movie Characters'. Captain America, Loki and Iron Man also make the list which was voted for by the magazine's readers.

July 15 2013

The guy who makes armor and space suits for TV and movies. Chris Gilman of the Global Effects prop and costume house talks about some of the space suits he's made for film and television. He pays particular attention to the plated space suit worn by Mal in Firefly and Serenity.

December 13 2011

Malcolm Reynolds by Dan Dos Santos, via Nathan Fillion. Our captain tweets a picture of himself in comic book form, presumably (although I'm not certain) from the forthcoming Free Comic Book Day story.

July 27 2011

Malcolm Reynolds voted top sci-fi icon of the 21st Century. The top 100 characters can be seen in the new SFX magazine special. Buffy and Spike came fourth and fifth.

November 07 2010

The Han Solo vs Malcolm Reynolds debate (with a very special guest). A certain someone decides to add his opinion on who was the better captain (the fun starts at 24:10 of the podcast, tons of swearing throughout). SFX has a write-up of the Hal-Con debate.

October 05 2010

Nathan Fillion in New York Magazine. More of Nathan's Buchananity revealed. And stuff.

February 26 2010

Great Geek Debates: Han Solo vs. Malcolm Reynolds. Curtis Silver of Geek Dad weighs in on the debate. There is voting at the bottom, of course.

February 24 2010

Get Mal's Coat? Yes please! Looks like you can pick up a replica of our Captain's very shiny browncoat.

October 11 2009

(SPOILER) Halloween episode of Castle will have a nice treat for Firefly fans. What a fine brown coat! More...

October 07 2009

'Mal's Morals' - a free essay taken from The Psychology of Joss Whedon. Smart Pop Books are posting free essays from their books and this particular one is about Captain Malcolm Reynolds and moral pornography.

September 01 2009

Cap'n Tightpants ranks #8 on Top Sci-Fi Characters list. The Sci-Fi Block has posted their list of the top 10 science fiction characters of all time and our own Malcolm Reynolds makes the list. More...

April 24 2009

Mal lands in this week's Geek6. Our captain makes it in as one of the top science fiction characters out there. He also makes it onto Movie Retrieval's list of ten character origin stories they'd like to see on film.

November 21 2008

Mal one of the "100 Greatest Movie Characters" according to Empire Magazine. Almost made it to the top close!

September 04 2007

A tale of two Captains - or if Mal met Jack. Torchwood writers answer that age old question of what would happen if Captain Jack Harkness was aboard Serenity. All that and lots of love for Joss shows as well.

August 20 2007

Malcolm Reynolds is one of SciFi Now's best TV heroes. The Captain came second in the list, beating Buffy who took eighth place.

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