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April 27 2006

Mammoth on SciFi Tonight. Summer Glau's SciFi channel original movie Mammoth is being shown again tonight in the US. More...

April 22 2006

Tonight on SciFi - Summer Glau in 'Mammoth'. Described by iFMagazine as "a fun romp through the film style of yesteryear", this could be the definitive Mammuthus Primigenius movie of the last few years. And over at Slayerverse, there's an interview with the producer where he talks about the movie, Summer and other Serenity cast members. More...

April 20 2006

Mammoth has no mercy. Mixed review of Summer Glau's TV movie Mammoth. "Pop the corn, sit back and enjoy." There's also a mention of Marti Noxon's new pilot "Brothers & Sisters".

April 05 2006

Official site for Summer Glau's new movie 'Mammoth' gets updated with cast bios, premise of the movie and, most importantly of all, pics. Mammoth will premiere on the Sci Fi Channel on April 22nd.

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