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June 29 2012

Science Channel marathons Firefly on July 4th. Press release invites "viewers to celebrate by choosing Browncoats over redcoats and tuning in for an all-day marathon of its 2002 hit series FIREFLY". Here is their schedule page. More...

March 12 2012

AMC Theatres' "Ultimate Marvel Marathon". Selected AMC theater locations will be marathoning Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor in 3D, and Captain America in 3D on May 3, all leading into a midnight showing of The Avengers in 3D.

April 20 2011

Buffy marathon for Australia over Easter. James Marsters will host the 'True Buff' marathon, featuring all 144 episodes back-to back from 7.30pm Thursday 21 through to 7.30pm Tuesday 26 April on SciFi.

February 17 2008

Reminder: Firefly Marathon in U.S. Feb 18th, on Sci/Fi. 11 Hours of 'verse-y goodness this President's Day, from 8am to 7pm EST. Break out the DVRs, tell your friends and the uninitiated, and throw a Shindig. We're overdue for this... :)

December 12 2007

SciFi cuts Dec 14th Firefly Marathon to Four Hours. SciFi Channel has decided to air two movies in the prime time slot Friday night, cutting the Firefly Marathon essentially in half. Very disappointing, considering that the Channel had been running advertisements for the full Firefly marathon just this past Sunday, during the rerun of "Tin Man".

December 03 2007

Firefly Mini-Marathon on SciFi 12/14/07. The first seven episodes will air from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Eastern. More...

July 14 2006

Firefly: A Mini Marathon at the Kirkland Performance Center (Seattle, Washington, USA vicinity), July 22, 2006 at 5 PM. More...

April 06 2006

Serenity to Play at Ohio 24-Hour Sci-Fi Marathon. From noon to noon, April 22-23, the Drexel Gateway theater in Columbus will be playing oodles of sci-fi films. Serenity will play alongside Forbidden Planet, Godzilla: Final Wars, and Tim Burton's Batman.

August 29 2005

Firefly Marathon and 40min of Serenity in Munich. On Sept. the 10th the Cinema in Munich, Germany, will show all 14 episodes of Firefly (in english), 40min from Serenity and a video message from Joss. The marathon begins at 10pm. More...

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