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January 07 2014

Marc Blucas' new show "Killer Women" premieres tonight on ABC at 10pm. He plays DEA Agent Dan Winston a love interest for the main character played by BSG's Tricia Helfer.

July 31 2013

Marc Blucas to guest on Blue Bloods. He will play a movie star researching a role.

February 20 2013

Marc Blucas to co-star in ABC's 'Killer Women'. He will play a DEA agent who works with Tricia Helfer's character.

January 07 2013

Marc Blucas and Mehcad Brooks' Necessary Roughness get renewed. The new season will add 10 episodes to the series, that still has 5 episodes remaining from the current season which resumes on January 23rd.

August 26 2011

Catching up with Marc Blucas. Watch the trailer for Marc's new film 'Stay Cool' with Chevy Chase and Winona Ryder, read about his current gig on 'Necessary Roughness' and his status as a San Antonio 'Spurs Groupie.' And I included this ESPN article for the cool photo of Marc playing hoops. (I can't tell if he's about to "finger roll" a basket or if he's rebounding.) More...

June 16 2011

Three minutes of Marc Blucas in the new show 'Necessary Roughness'. Marc appears in an extended clip of USA's new original series about professional football behind the scenes.

May 14 2011

Marc Blucas' 'Necessary Roughness' set to premiere June 29th on USA. There are a few video interviews from the USA upfronts and details on the series here.

April 04 2011

(SPOILER) Christina Hendricks and Marc Blucas to guest star on Body of Proof. Press release for ABC's Body of Proof 1x05, "Dead Man Walking," which airs on April 19 -- Christina Hendricks and Marc Blucas are both credited as guest stars.

January 21 2011

"Marc Blucas: Big Sweetheart of a Dude". 24 minutes and 12 seconds into the podcast, Writer/Director, Kevin Smith and Actress, Kerry Bishe discuss working with Marc on the upcoming thriller, Red State. More...

January 19 2011

Gina Torres and Marc Blucas have new shows. The USA Network picked up both "A Legal Mind" with Gina Torres & "Necessary Roughness" with Marc Blucas.

January 11 2011

Happy Birthday to Marc Blucas. He turns 38 today.

September 24 2010

Marc Blucas joins cast of 'Necessary Roughness'. He's the male lead. More...

June 26 2010

"Knight and Day" (starring Marc Blucas) is in theaters now! Marc plays the boyfriend of Cameron Diaz's character, a woman who gets caught up in a CIA plot to kill a rogue agent (Tom Cruise). Get your ticket today!

May 14 2010

Marc Blucas on Tim Duncan. An outtake from the DVD of Jane Austen Book Club in which Marc Blucas makes fun of his good friend, former college teammate, and two-time NBA MVP Tim Duncan. More...

February 16 2010

Marc Blucas cast in ABC pilot 'True Blue'. From the Initiative to San Fran detective.

December 07 2009

When Riley met Caleb (sort of). Marc Blucas guests in tonight's episode of Castle, titled "The Fifth Bullet".

October 13 2009

Marc Blucas' new film -- starring Tom Cruise -- has a new title. For all you Marc fans, his upcoming film co-starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz was previously known as "Wichita" and is now known as "Knight & Day."

October 12 2009

Marc Blucas joins the cast of 'Lie to Me' tonight in a recurring role. Shawn Ryan tweeted, "New episode of LieToMe tonight! Buffy alum Marc Blucas guest stars and we introduce a new visual device we call "Lightman POV" or L-Povs!"

October 05 2009

James Marsters on Lie to Me tonight. James is guest starring tonight and Marc Blucas is on next Monday. If the rumours about a Bones crossover come true, the show will pull a Buffy boyfriend hat trick.

August 21 2009

(SPOILER) Marc Blucas guest stars on 'Lie to Me'. "[He] has been cast in Episode 5 of "Lie to Me's" new season." According to SpoilerTV the character he will play is Tim Roth's rival and may become a recurring role.

July 31 2009

Celeb guests toast Blucas. Congratulations to Marc on the occasion of his wedding to film producer Ryan Haddon last Saturday. More...

February 23 2009

Marc Blucas joins ABC drama pilot 'See Cate Run'. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he'll playing "a legendary campaign guru".

January 11 2009

Happy Birthday, Marc Blucas! Our favorite Initiative soldier turns 37 today.

July 10 2008

'Meet Dave' and 'Hellboy II' opens this weekend co-starring some Whedon alum. Marc Blucas co-stars in the comedy 'Meet Dave', but the gentleman Doug Jones not only co-stars in 'Hellboy II', he plays 3 characters in the film. More...

March 07 2008

Marc Blucas speaks of his latest movie "Animals". It's an adaptation of the 1993 novel.

January 09 2008

Relish Now talks to WFU's Marc Blucas. Short interview with Marc Blucas about his new movie The Killing Floor, some memories playing Riley on Buffy, and his guest spot on House.

November 09 2007

(SPOILER) Trailer for Marc Blucas' upcoming movie After Sex. The clip is in the right hand corner. More...

September 19 2007

What's a Blucas? Interesting article about Marc Blucas, his lifelong relationship with basketball and his upcoming role in The Jane Austen Book Club. More...

November 03 2006

Marc Blucas co-stars in "The Jane Austen Book Club". He may not have gotten a role on ER, but Mr. Blucas is going to co-star in a movie starring Lynn Redgrave, Kathy Baker, Maria Bello and Jimmy Smits, among others, to be written and directed by Robin Swicord.

January 24 2006

Marc Blucas to topline independent thriller 'The Killing Floor'. He plays a literary agent who's stalked after moving into a penthouse apartment.

November 14 2005

(SPOILER) "Buffy" Couple on the Casting Couch. Dark Horizons gives more details on Sarah Michelle Gellar and Marc Blucas' roles in two upcoming projects, SMG in "The Air I Breath" and Marc Blucas in "Three". More...

September 30 2005

How to Canoodle with a Co-Star. E!'s Kristin takes a look at some of the failed relationships of off-screen couples and gives tips on how to make the connection last. Aly, Nick, and Marc Blucas mention.

August 16 2005

New movie in pre-production with Whedonverse stars. Marc Blucas and Bai Ling to star in comedy "After Sex". Set to release March 2006.

November 23 2004

Staplers of the stars. Marc Blucas signed a stapler and it is up for auction. I do not understand it either.

July 30 2003

Photos of Marc Blucas on the Set of 'First Daughter.' "The daughter of the President of the United States goes off to college after insisting that she be able to enjoy her school years without the omnipresence of the Secret Service. The government agrees to her demands but assigns a young agent to go undercover as a student in order to keep an eye on her. Romance blossoms - until she learns his true identity."

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