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"See how I'm not punchin' him? I think I've grown."
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September 23 2015

Mark Sheppard (Badger from Firefly) is now a US citizen. Always nice to see someone from the old homestead.

December 19 2014

Help Badger raise money for charity. Firefly and Dollhouse star Mark Sheppard is raising money for DCES and Camp Conrad-Chinnock, a sleep away camp for diabetic kids. More...

August 06 2013

Mark Sheppard gets collared. Mark will be guesting starring in White Collar in a major arc as an art forger whom Peter sent to prison in the show's pilot.

May 30 2013

It's Mark Sheppard's birthday! He turns 49 today.

August 28 2011

Assignment X interviews Mark Sheppard on the return of Jim Sterling on Leverage. The actor talks about the Sterling/Nate relationship and working with director Jonathan Frakes.

June 02 2011

SFX's top 10 guest stars. James Marsters, Brian Thompson and Tony Amendola get honorary shoutouts, Felicia Day is tenth and Mark Sheppard is number one.

March 23 2011

Mark Sheppard joins Doctor Who panel at Wondercon. Our favorite respectable businessman will be part of the Doctor Who Panel on April 3rd to talk about his role in the two-part season opener. More...

January 20 2011

Tahmoh Penikett and Mark Sheppard have joined the guest list for C2E2! Come meet them at The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, March 18-20, 2011 at McCormick Place (downtown) Chicago.

November 05 2010

Trailer for new film by Mark Sheppard. It's an adaptation of Jules Verne's 'Mysterious Island', which was directed by and features our very own Badger.

October 18 2010

(SPOILER) Mark Sheppard's 'Doctor Who' Character Revealed. Mark tweeted the link a few minutes ago. More...

October 16 2010

Badger versus the Doctor. Mark Sheppard has been confirmed as appearing in the next series of Doctor Who.

March 22 2010

IF magazine interviews Mark Sheppard, Part 4. In the final part of the exclusive interview the actor talks about his experiences on BSG, Supernatural, Dragon Age: Origins and doing conventions.

March 21 2010

IF magazine interviews Mark Sheppard, Part 3. In this part, the journeyman actor talks about his name works on the small screen and what to expect from him in the future. Part 3 of this 4 part interview.

February 23 2010

IF magazine interviews Mark Sheppard, Part 2. He talks about working on Dollhouse, Firefly, and Warehouse 13.

February 16 2010

IF magazine interviews Mark Sheppard, Part 1. "One reason Sterling shows up so often is that hes played by Mark A. Sheppard, who has become one of the kings of genre television acting, with recurring roles not only on Leverage, but also on Dollhouse, Supernatural, Firefly, and BSG, to name but a few."

January 23 2010

Video of this week's Leverage episode featuring Mark Sheppard. The best part of the clip is the Mark and Christian fight scene.

December 15 2009

Have you seen this two men? Badger and Cobb reunite.

December 10 2009

Mark Sheppard announces a guest star arc on Chuck. Reuniting Mark and Adam. No more details, other than his arc will start with the 12th episode, according to spoilertv. Chuck starts its 3rd season Jan 10th.

October 09 2009

(SPOILER) Abandon All Hope as Mark Sheppard guest stars on Supernatural. Mark will be appearing on the last episode to air in 2009. The episode "Abandon All Hope" is writen by former verse scribe Ben Edlund. Spoiler for Supernatural.

September 08 2009

Mark Sheppard guest stars on Warehouse 13 tonight on SyFy. Always love seeing Mark.

August 26 2009

Big Apple Comic-Con welcomes some Whedonverse guests Oct 16-18th. Miracle Laurie, Mark Sheppard, Camden Toy, and *just added* Emma Caulfield will represent the verse at the New York City event. Also Georges Jeanty and Jo Chen are scheduled to appear at Baltimore Comic-Con October 10-11. More...

August 01 2009

Video of Mark Sheppard on the Middleman SDCC Panel. The panel did a table read of the final episode of the Middleman. It is a very interesting watch.

June 25 2009

IGN TV MVP Mark Sheppard Q & A. Mark talks to us about Dollhouse, Battlestar, Leverage and more.

June 07 2009

Mark Sheppard on Warehouse 13, The Conduit and Dollhouse. "Joss is special. I don't always know what he's doing. I don't always understand what he's doing. I don't know that he always understands what he's doing [laughs]. But he's still brilliant."

May 31 2009

The Grinder Nintendo Wii trailer voiced by Mark Sheppard. Mark is currently at E3 (lucky him) doing promotion for the game due out next year. More...

May 24 2009

Mark Sheppard spreads the word about High Voltage. Mark not only does a voice-over for High Voltage's latest game for the Wii, but he is also going out and promoting it with them.

March 10 2009

An SFX Magazine interview with Mark Sheppard. Dollhouse, Firefly, The Middleman and Leverage all get discussed in this fab interview. And you'll find who originally wanted to play Badger (hint - his first name begins with the letter 'J' and ends in the letter 'S'.)

February 18 2009

Mark Sheppard and Rod Rowland got burned but with notice. As they both guest star on the current episode of Burn Notice.

January 26 2009

Mark Sheppard to appear at NYC Comic Con, possibly Dragon Con. Mark Sheppard posted an update on his blog, saying he is working on a new Dollhouse episode directed by Tim Minear. He will appear at the NYC Comic Con with The Middleman co-star Kevin Sorbo and asks for help in getting an invite to Dragon Con later this year.

December 16 2008

Mark Sheppard talks about his role in Dollhouse. "It's great, being in Dollhouse with Tahmoh. Just walking onto a set and him being there, Joss being there of course... A lot of fun for me". And there's another interview over at

December 15 2008

Mark Sheppard begins his recurring role on Leverage. Mark will be appearing in at least 5 episodes of the series Leverage (which stars Christain Kane) this season, including the season finale. Starting this Tuesday at 10pm ET on TNT.

October 27 2008

Mark Sheppard enters the Dollhouse. Mark blogs just a snippet on his myspace page about going back to work for Whedon and finishing up the season finale of TNT's Leverage (which stars Christian Kane).

August 22 2008

Meet Mark Sheppard. Count Gore De Vol interviews Mark, mainly about his role as Romo Lampkin on Battlestar Galactica, with occasional sidesteps into Whedonesque territory. (20 mins, on Vimeo) More...

August 16 2008

Mark Sheppard joins Dollhouse. The fansite Dollverse has the scoop.

September 28 2007

Bionic Woman scores big. Starring Mark Sheppard (Badger) and produced by BSG's David Eick, the show scored NBC's biggest midweek debut since 1999's The West Wing. Though it was beaten by Marti Noxon's new show 'Private Practice'.

September 22 2007

Mark Sheppard on Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. Mr. Badger Fancyhat, Esq.TM speaks at a DragonCon panel about his experiences working on Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, and has some nice things to say about Joss. More...

August 22 2007

Paley Center for Media Fall preview Parties including Chuck, Bionic Woman. Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills is having FREE fall preview parties during the first few weeks of Sept. Stars may or may not show up, it says surprise guests expected, but at the very least it's a way to show our BDH's some support on their new shows. You need to email to reserve seats, first come and all that.

July 20 2007

Mark Sheppard joins cast of Bionic Woman as a regular and crashes his new car. More...

May 13 2007

Mark Sheppard on BSG podcast. Scifi has released a bonus podcast with Mark Sheppard and BSG writer Michael Angeli. More...

March 29 2007

Mark Sheppard talks to IGN about his guest role on BSG. An excellent article/interview over at IGN with Firefly's Badger, with lots of insight into probably the most interesting new character of season 3 ( Spoilers for all episodes up to, but not including, the season finale). More...

November 23 2006

Mark Sheppard to MC at Starfury's Break Out Con. Not on Starfury's main page yet, but it has been confirmed on the forums that everyone's favourite Brit will be MC-ing this Prison Break/Veronica Mars convention in May 2007. More...

November 22 2006

Mark Sheppard does double duty on the next episode of Medium on NBC. Next Wed, 11/29 at 10 ET. Mark Sheppard returns to Medium, click on the Behind the Scenes to watch an exclusive clip from the episode 'Blood Relations' starring Mark.

November 02 2006

Badger doctors up Medium Season 2 DVD (R1). Mark A. Sheppard does commentary on Medium episode "Doctor's Orders" in the Season 2 DVD set, which he stars in. The DVD set is out now. Also we get to find out what the 'A' stands for. More...

August 24 2006

Dinner with Badger. This past Sunday at the BE Blowout, guest from Smallville, Roswell, Veronica Mars and Firefly auctioned themselves off for dinner to raise money for becharitable's Itty Scholarship. Dinner with Mark Sheppard was one of those auctioned off, the person who won the auction was asked to tell us about it and thus this blog began. More...

March 04 2006

Mark Sheppard and James Leary to appear at a convention in May. 'Love Letter to Itty' is a Charity con in Burbank, CA May 12-14, 2006. James Leary is the MC of the event, Mark Sheppard is one of the guest that weekend. More...

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