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February 15 2010

"King Of My Heart" - the new Nathan Fillion/Martin Firrell project. A little bit more info about it can be found in this SFX report.

November 04 2009

Fillion-rich "Complete Hero" art installation opens in London. Anybody from here attend yet?

May 10 2008

Hero: True Strength. The latest Martin Firrell/Nathan Fillion collaboration. More...

November 19 2007

(SPOILER) Edmonton Journal Covers Nathan Fillion's Hero Project. Good article with new tidbits about Martin Firrell's public art project featuring Fillion's fantastic features, including details on the upcoming public exhibition in London. More...

September 22 2007

Martin Firrell talks Nathan and HERO. Artist Martin Firrell talks about his HERO project, which features our own Big Damn Hero Nathan Fillion, in an audio interview at Student Operated Press.

July 30 2007

Martin Firrell and Nathan Fillion's HERO 2.5- an update to the update. This one is a beautiful tribute that will lay Nathan Fillion appreciators flat! More...

July 29 2007

Sending A Wave podcast interview Martin Firrell. He's the dude behind the 'HERO' art project, lead by Nathan Fillion. There's even a brief behind-the-scenes clip from the project. It's a really good interview. More...

July 22 2007

Martin Firrell and Nathan Fillion's "Hero" part two. Add the power of your voice to the world's most important public art project! More...

June 19 2007

Nathan Fillion Is A Hero. SFX has picked up the Martin Firrell project in an online article, with a link to a London Times article. There is also a heads-up on when we can plan on seeing the "Nathan Fillion SFX Interview."

June 05 2007

Not super secret anymore. Artist Martin Firrell has revealed on his website the "super secret thingy" Nathan Fillion went to London to work on with him: an audio-visual contemplation on a new model of heroism for men in society titled: "Hero: The Future of Gods, Icons and Heroes." More...

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